YH Zombies - Welcome to my World

Song Rating: 8.76/10

Song lyrics:

Female: Hey Cam were going to the park, you want to come?
Camron: Man, f** you shorty. I dont do what everybody else do. You want to hang with me, come to my world

[Verse 1]
Reporting live girl (from where)
From where they kidnap and hide girls (wifey in the cut)
But I got four or five side girls
Five in ya dry curls
Girl what you talking about? Yo who you talking to?
Welcome to my world
Where you might get your sh** laced
Girls got their wigs laced
Spit on cop cars, rip up parking tickets
They still having dog fights, they still having dog fights?!
Man they dont care about Vick case
The corner store is a cover up
Girls fight at the nail salon
Baby mom and wifey, well see they dont get along
(They tried to blame me though)
I say you b**hes done got it wrong (Word up)
Old girl got me f**ed up
This cold world got you s**ed up, oh well tough luck
Id like to take this time, New York City
Man what the f**s up?

Welcome to my world (x2)
Female: Girl you know my baby father aint give me no money in 2 years? He aint even get the kids no school clothes, but he going to ask me to s** his dick. (Mhm) Welcome to my world

[Verse 2]
Welcome to my world (what up)
Thats what you fools be dreaming about
The two-door I be leaning out
Not Arizona, but my cousin in Phoenix house
I hope that he detox
Man they better clean him out, But look cribs we clean em out
Go in your grill like Paul Wall
Like dominoes you all fall
And Im like Santa, yea I got something for all yall
That Johnson and Johnson
That aint no baby powder (Go ahead and just taste it)
What youre thinking it may be flour
(5, 5 thick thighs)
Yeah she got some lady power
I nutted on her face, baby thats just a baby shower
Been doing this before Bathing Apes
Moving out state to state
Man I been on this paper chase
n***as just hate to hate, but they know I be making pape
Dont matter the season
But I been about shake n bake (no homo)
Man I told all you hoes before
I dont care we could go to war
My homies unload the four
I know that you know the score
And my j**elry?
You cant get out no clothing store (sh**)

Welcome to my world (x4)

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