Xavier Wulf - Help Yo Self

Song Rating: 9.44/10

Song lyrics:

Aye... wait, who the f** you talking to?
Who the f** is who?
I give no f** its me who coming thru..
f** that n***a and his whole crew
I dont give no f** you mad for what?
Because I pulled thru and k**ed youu

[Verse 1]
The 240 is damn fool
Pulled my 46 and now yo b**h cant even f** with you
What the f** you mean these n***as mad because they fell thru
Whatd I try to tell you, these n***as need some help fool
Pull up talking sh**, like I always do
Now watch me shake a spliff
Catch a grip, see me comin thru I smoke and switch a gear
Who is this, talkin sh**?

Another jealous hatin b**h, you a trip
Ima take a trip and smoke until I trip
Yeah you posted in the city but, who you stayin with?
Yee aint got no damn crib, how you think that make her feel?
How you skrt, skrt, skrt?
Yee aint got no damn whip
Only renting for the hour then its back to Uber trips
I aint even hatin on it n***a get it how you live
But dont ever try to diss a damn king of this hill
Treat yo b**h like [?] and let the squad do a drill
I go strictly for the k**, gut em all before I k**
See me in my damn garage
f** that rappin sh** Im here
I pull off, screamin why the f** you n***as even here
All you hipsters gettin hip
And you hoes beggin for chips
Always hail Wulf Woe, I say the word and then we dip... you b**h
(who is who n***a)

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 13:50