X-Productions - Book Number 7 Intro

Song Rating: 8.17/10

Song lyrics:

This is an exorcism, the exoskeleton
X-strap the back with his next flow, listen
Electrovision that rest of molecular texture
In this irregular secular mechanism
You diagnosed with doses
Of uncontrollable scoliosis, plus liver cirrhosis
Witness the original, lyrical everlasting
Individual spiritual, metaphysical mastering
Blasting your zone, with a wrath never known
The path of science and math crafted in stone
My deepest exegesis drafted alone
The devilish staff was born and grafted a clone
I elevate with spawns that are sacred
Create biological elements that I mate with
The evangelical adamant, radical
Murder capital admiral who rappers stagger and battle
I am the sorcerer, broke through the corridor
The 220 century galaxy orbiter
Straight from the infinite thought booth I taught him
How to combine to Summer, Spring, Winter and Autumn
My staff is steady as acid when I cast it
1 to 150, the demographic
No match, no matter where you look for the Heaven
K-Rino, the Coalition, Book Number 7

[Hook: K-Rino]
I am the author of Book Number 7
You unleashed the power of Book Number 7
There is no escape from Book Number 7
Youre not outside
Youre actually inside of Book Number 7

I throw hundreds of sunlit punches in abundance, you in a dungeon
That dwells within the infinite circumference of my conscience

I send and receive intergalactic faxes, at night my body relaxes
Raises like taxes and levitates over the mattress
I transform into a sandstorm, might take the form of a newborn
With a babys body and a 35 year old mans arm
Therell be no sympathy sent to ya
I make an entity enter ya as I mentally circumvent your peninsula
The intensely temperamental mic emperor who increases the temperature
And makes sure you receive every ninja strike meant for you
Opposition you dont hear a word from them, K-Rinos the one
Who picks up the hitchhiking murderer and then murders him
I stand on posters like coasters, theyve been after me before my birth
My ultrasound picture was on a “Most Wanted” poster
Metallic plates strapped to my shoulders
Vultures fly out of my folder after I bust and reiterate every flow that I told ya


No more CDs, technology has finally evolved
Albums in pill form you swallow them and let them dissolve
Then you feel mushroom euphoria in your brain when I storm it
You not only hear me recite the songs, you see me performing
You thought you had writers block, your brain was starting to swell up
But that was me k**ing your ideas before they developed
Im bruising ya, ‘cause Im half super nuclear
You can fit your sk** in mine the same amount of times Pluto can fit in Jupiter
I load revenge into a syringe, opponents then cringe
As the needle penetrates within your contact lens
Laid with excruciating pain they use my style
Like a 120 consecutive root canals
Meanwhile, my horrors cancel your tomorrows
I speak words that the authors of the dictionary and the thesaurus borrows
Blast my gun with ‘The Wrath of Khan
The Jura**ic mastodon that easily won the scholastic triathlon


Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 19:48