X (ItsXMusic) - BAR FIGHT™ - PASSIONATE MC VS. X | (prod. TROX)

Song Rating: 7.47/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: X]

Wether its off the top or the written rap/ Im in attack and they gone remember that through a mental lapse/ been relax Imma dog it out like the kennel snapped/ jack ripper strapped like a ninja who left the window cracked/ pick a stat I do everything mix and match/ write until my wrist detached, then I stitch it back/ and roll up on the slaughterhouse like a paraplegic/ just to ask Joell Ortiz yo where is the remix/ I mean, it get deep as American secrets/ compare me to life in supplying the air that you breathing/ speed of lightening in that brand new Unidentified/ sh** be sor davinci code I got it memorized/ youve been advised, Im sleepin wit my kitchen knives/ on body bags, Im talking ma** genocide/ got me feeling like the last of a dying breed/ rip off the labels like you asked for a pint of lean/ Im the king, now cut it like behind the scenes/ out in Brooklyn taking shots guess who buying heem/ had to be me, the accuracy/ armed in a vest, I do this sh** so pa**ionately/ believe it can be today, we dont mediate/ rappers acting like they BTK and be a piece of cake/ Either way, if they cross the line its gone be breaking news on the net/ Smooth and direct, do not get confused with the rest, they call me X!

[Verse 2: Pa**ionate MC]

I got em calling me Eric Wright… ‘Cause Im ruthless with the ease
Sharpshooter, you can see the Rüger through the jeans
Martin Luther, Ill help ya get lucid with your dreams
Pop and move ya, I got them like Medusa with beam!

Stiff with a freeze its a Click with a squeeze
One lick then it leaves, Guns spit when it breathes
And Im honest Ive been a monster
f**ing living without conscience, a n***as heartless

Ive been dealing with these doctors medicine, lots of sedatives
Settling, palms is sweating and arms are trembling, awkward etiquette
How could I not remember it?! Off the richter with Armageddon
And I am the arch-nemesis of all lyricists, Cypher God and Im lighting em all like Thomas Edison!

Done through with all that tongue moving
When it comes it I can Sun Tzu it
While they run from it Imma run through it
Like its one unit and Im coming for d**h
You gon need another gun and a vest
I could never be up under the rest..
I can do this till 110, 110!!!

I always stay focused the longest
I promise I can battle any artist til they just get exhausted and forfeit!
Ive learned from the best, burned through the rest to earned the respect
Ill split pussies like cervical tests

And throw a jab thatll crack ya chin, you will snooze
Ive been accused of sleepin more kids in a room than Mike Jackson did
Then I spring em in a box like where the mattress fits

Uncontrollable arms, its like a n***a has Tourettes

[3rd Verse: X]

Imma show yall what we have in common/ absolutely nothin Im bout that action Bronson/ only sick as Magic Johnson with an absent conscience/ and I deliver like Malone on behalf of Stockton/...thats a promise bottom line is cut the Jazz!/ now add it up then run the cash, aint too much to ask/ I rarely discuss the past in this hover craft, but let em know I was in New Mexico when the shuttle crashed/ understand that Im a brand new breed/ or be found hanging like the sleeves on an amputee/ I am Bruce Lee, stick made out of bamboo trees, deflect ya shots like Keanu reeves/ I get creative with it/ rock the crown like its tailor fitted, this aint a gimmick/ they talkin bars but a day in prison just aint a sentence/ intricate like Explaining physics, for 80 minutes/ they gone exit soon as I make an entrance you cant convince me that I aint the 1 you shouldve gave me somebody famous/ X n***a Im not to play with, I got you Vegas/ the antics aint gone be tolerated, dont get it twisted for a minute I brought that homage payment but Im the greatest/ hand it over then confiscate it, my n***as next/ im cleanin house like a swifter jet if you disrespect/ intellectually amazing at least, might have to pull a Barry Adrian Reese and battle my silhouette/

[Verse 4: Pa**ionate MC]

Im from that 98 Canibus Era
So my 2nd roundll come with two Ls that Ill hand him together
And its Kool, I aint smoking blunts. Id rather squeeze, throw a punch
Thatll have both of his knees and his shoulders touch!

Like beds tucked into the couch, Ill fold ‘em up!
With the grip stuck under his mouth, Cobra Clutch!
For the chips Ill give em more rounds than a Poker Club
Im catching bodies left and right, Thats an open hug!

Youll feel these hands from both sides, thats a shoulder rub
From a n***a working out the trap, thats a shoulder shrug
The way I got this in the bags like Im holding d**
(d**h Stare)

Outmatching me lyrically
Youd be better off trying to go and count back from infinity!
And where the f** Ca**idy at?!
So I can show him how to break bodies down, This anatomy cla**!

I keep a leg up, to keep ahead up over the competition
All I need is an arms length just to stop the friction!
And what I got is reckless!
Cause it would get you capped n crunched in a box for breakfast

Im starving, bigger hole in ya top than a dolphin
Then b**h slap the innocent bystanders for watching
Theyll be stiffer than a mannequin cause the back hand Ill send
Strong enough to turn Caitlyn Jenner to a man again!

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 22:45