Weathered [US-MN] - Thief

Song Rating: 9.16/10

Song lyrics:

I thought that I knew best but Im selfish and petty like all the rest
I know how this ends and I will fall for it over and over again
I dont want to be the thief on the cross
Joining in with all of those who mocked the one nailed to the tree
You were hung up there because of me
I am a flickering flame constantly praying you dont send rain
I hate to take the blame but you know how much I love my chains

(How long will you live? How long will you live like this?)

I need a drug
Im feeling stuck
I am the dirt that held your cross in place

Are you tied to your bed by all your trials and tests?
Consumed by what you cant digest?
Stitching the holes in your nets?

Im scared I wont be ready
I know it comes like a thief and Im afraid Ill sleep through the night

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 10:15