Wax (US-MD) - Old Ways

Song Rating: 9.31/10

Song lyrics:

I have no clue what f**ing day it is
I cant believe Im still doing this, man
I dont think my body can take this lifestyle much longer
I wasnt raised to act like this

[Verse 1]
I aint left my crib in seven days or more
I havent showered in three days, havent shaved in four
Theres no reason to be showering and shaving for
When every day is a carbon copy of the day before
The only people that I see anymore
Are my roommates and the clerk at the convenience store
Me and him used to chat in a friendly way
Now he shakes his head and lectures me for drinking every day
Of course I understand him so clear
But Im lost in the wonderland of cold beer
And the only thing I fear, is being sober, cause the tears
Would come out, so I choose to bum out and dumb out
My brain cells are like Duracells dying
A little juice left, but Im sure as hell trying
To k** them all, Like Metallica dunny
Rock and Roll lifestyle minus the s** and the money
Im a dummy

I aint left my house for days
Ive gone back, back to to my old ways
Im just drinking, sleeping, not eating
Treating everyday like its the weekend
This is not how I was raised

[Verse 2]
I dont search for, them women much
Even though I yearn for that feminine touch

It requires too much time and labor
And thats quite the opposite of my behavior
Man, Im a lazy man, like an old recliner
I want a lazy girl, but Im too lazy to find her
And I aint got the time or money to wine her and dine her
Unless she likes Two Buck Chuck and Oscar Meyer
In the mirror I see my reflection
And I always ask it some kind of question
But it never seems to provide suggestions
No guidance or lessons, just my blank expressions
Slick Rick, where the f** you get your mirror from?
Was it a magic shop or was it Pier One?
I steer clear from self-help books
Instead I spit stupid-a** rhymes and belt hooks like this


[Verse 3]
Man, I dont think I really know whats happening
Am I imagining or are these actual things?
Little moths flying with their flapping wings
Tickling me on my face while I rap and sing
Im eating happy pills, Im seeing Daffodils
I havent opened up my mail, I see a stack of bills
Im probably too late for the due date
f** it Im a be late, crack another Tecate
Cant see straight but it feels like heaven
Im dancing with the wolves, man, I feel like Kevin
Costner, I should win an Oscar for acting stupid
This mind states when I make spectacular music
At least it sounds that way in my ears
Im a probably f**ing die in less than five years
But it feels so good right now
Im a make it so somehow I dont have to come down


Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 12:37