VI Seconds - Steph

Song Rating: 7.42/10

Song lyrics:

I hate that i loved you so bad, i hate that i loved you so bad (yeah, yeah.)
I hate that you cut me so bad, i hate that you cut me so bad (yeah, yeah)
I still feel your touch on my skin (uh) i still feel your touch on my skin (uh, yeah yeah.)
And it makes me want you so bad, but not bad enough

This that, i only find this shit once
This that, make me rethink everything that ive done
This that, ooh baby you give me the chills
This that, touch of my baby make me wanna kill

As of late (uh) i look at you its so different now
Our lips lock but the kisses make a different sound
Didnt see our future she wanted to do a living now
Didnt build with me so im constructing thе building now
Yeah, every brick was with you, evеry square inch paint drop
Every pic was with you
Every lyric in my notes i thought would hit was with you
Every cough nasal drip when i was sick was with you
But you, never really showed effort to try shit
But want me the perfect plan
When have i been a sidekick?
And rather than work with me went and got a new sidekick
Someone you can flip with a finger like using a psychic

I gave you everything (stupid)
You wanted more attention, i gave you more attention
You wanted more affection
Its like you wanted perfection
Or i had a disconnection asking myself all these questions while i stare at my reflection
Like dont she love me?
Why wont she give her ex rejection?
That gave our love an infection and it started all my suspection
Now the love that i was protecting
Ingesting other erections
And the future i was projecting
Got a premature ejection

Now i sit alone in sessions breaking down in my section
All cuz i wish to take you home with my blessings
Any brand that you want, id buy you the collection
Making sure that its real id put it through an inspection
While you, being the fuck up
But i gotta make corrections
And you, left me sick ive been paler in complexion
But got the nerve to say i shouldnt approach with agression
Cuz its my fault for him what a serious expression
And i fought for my redemption
Cuz your love was my obsession
And despite your perception, loving you was still my intention
Never made an exception despite our current direction, my confession
Ill still forgive all your transgressions (sike)

Despite it all, it aint all to my impression
I still see you in my dreams and take it as an inception
Screaming what happened to the us that we respected
Before this interception and i ended up neglected

I aint wanna look at you as a lesson
You were the calm that would ease all my tension
Your breath on my neck sent me to dimensions
I moved to your heartbeat and how you breathe when we sexin
We fought, fucked, sat, and reflected
And i thought that we made solid progression
But rest assured
It was self-deception
Me thinking you still loved me was a misconception
No hope for reconnection

But right now im hurting
And every time i looked at that n***a
I wanted to merk him
I hated it
I just wanted to shatter his face
But if i did youd ice his wounds when youre back at his place

I hated it
That love was mine
That lust was mine
That trust was mine
That face when you cum is mine
I fucking love you
And that reason why i bust is mine
That shiver up the spine from your touch was mine
The way your eyes rolled back when we fucked was mine
That soothing voice you used when life got rough was mine
That spot between your legs i made lunch was mine
I wouldve sent a motherfucker to the sun for mine

And now its fuck you
I wish that we could just rewind
Cuz i aint had another person really touch my mind
But at the same time i cant put mistrust aside

Feel hatred when i look you in your fucking eyes
I hate it
And i wanna say i hate you too
You had my heart and it went where he takes you to (yeah)
Been fighting wrong but had all the right reasons
And you were too fucking stupid to ever see it
Always looked at you with pride
You could be something to me
Thats why the fuck i was after you, you mean something to me
Ive been showing you my growth, and ive been show when i listen
But you too busy popping pussy to see me going the distance
You be all full of lies but wanna tell me whats real
Now let me really sit and tell you right now how i feel
You fucking irritable, disrespectful, dramatic while still neglectful, inflexible, tactless, impatient and callous, cantankerous, domineering, quick to say that im hard of hearing, belligerent, inconsiderate, cynical, pessimistic, impatient, dogmatic, you fine but lifes all tragic, machiavellian, patronising, picky but you hate deciding, sneaky, deceitful, obstinate so youre hard to speak to
Out for yourself and some of your moves are fucking evil
Quick-tempered, narrow-minded, promiscuous, fucking rat
I sit back and look at you like i was really in love with that?

You, over critical
Steady saying im pitiful
For going hard loving you then acting like im invisible

Undeserving, secretive, foolish, and mean as shit, over emotional truculent, always screaming to suck your dick, always thinking you so mature, always startling overture, insecure, disloyal
You know how to make my blood boil

Know it all
But know nothing, until you actually know something
But when you dont really know nothing
You treating me like you know something
Suspicious, indevious, evasive, mischievous
Full of shit
Unethical, sensitive, resentful, bitchy, big-headed, detached, despicable
Never saw my love even though i made it visible
Quarrelsome, shiftless
Hung my christmas wish list
Most pretty piece of shit that i met

But aint a treasure in this world, aint a diamond or a pearl
Thatll make me take you back in my bed
You get on my nerves
And i did all this dumb shit cuz i love you
I hope all these emotions fucking jump you
Fuck you
Loved you with all my heart
Though you made me wanna snuff you
But unless it was with love i wouldnt touch you
Fuck you

You make me wanna spit in your face
Get drunk and take a piss on your place
This bitch a disgrace
Lost so much with this mood, i been moving in
Heart, mind, health, drive, all gone in unison
Fell for a bitch
She was all about the foolishness
Ruined a good man then its on to the newest dick
You complain about places you aint ever go
But was almost a baby momma for a dude aint really know
Knew him bout a month
Killed the baby in your gut
And i still dont know if it was mine or his like what the fuck

You aint deserve me
You never earned me
Took time to learn me
Then spread legs and hurt me
Took time to burn me, though you werent worthy
I should be glad that i aint got herpes
Fly little birdy, i pray youre happy
You out here popping plan bs like candy

I hope youre happy with your choices
I hope these words do something to you
Sorry bout the voices, you gon hear all talkin bout you
No one gonna feel you
I hope you aint a single mother when they see the real you
I hope your kid aint as stupid as you, that would be sublime
Not cuz you deserve it but that kid was almost mine
I hope you guys dont struggle
I hope your stomachs never grumble
I hope you dont go through any financial trouble

But dont think this means that i want you as a friend of me
Give a fuck about you im just giving off good energy
You still a bitch and didnt strive to be anything
Im glad i copped this bracelet when i took back your wedding ring
I dont regret you while im watching you burn up
I look at this bracelet and see lessons i learned from

You thought sex was life and went and fucked yours up, and in the future my sons gonna fuck yours up
Love you

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 22:28