UnknownThugzMansion - The New Die Hard

Song Rating: 7.70/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Samworth]
Backpack couple of pounds heavier than it outta be
Audibly you hear me, see?
Physically up out your seats
Mentally ill body you
With these lyrical bullets, Im sorry dude
Another career done bit the dust
All cause of my rap kung fu
Oooo Bruce Lee up in this mothaf**a
Small yellow mighty, Gabapentin in this mothaf**a
Figgity figgity f**ed up, with this coke here, Im on cloud line
Your b**h here, her a** fine
This nights been dope, need more time UH
More dopamine to keep me so happy
To keep me from k**ing you
You punk b**h, give me your shoes
And your wallet
And your weed
*Hits Blunt*
Backwoods rolled backwards this liquor got me so plastered

[Verse 2: Van Gar V]
Plastered as f**
Cloud 9
Im pressin my luck
Still D.R.E, naw this 20 years later
Smoke so much, sound like Darth Vader
Poppers and poppers, sh** is outplayed so I sold my weed and bought some DMT

So f**in hot, 902 degrees
Molly in me, my serotonin flees
Depletes like my bag when Im smokin up trees
Sam, pour me another flamin moe
It pa**ed the first test, I didnt go blind
You havin fun?
Run it back
Im havin a heart attack
Its just d** so I go with it
No justice
Gar Vs so poetic
Trust me, youre pathetic and showin it
Blow in my nose
I aint blowin it
Still throwin em bows
Who am I to keep you down?
Gold Dust Gar V
Gar Vs name is Earl
Not the sweat, its the hickeys to make you hurl
f** shock value like an early teenage girl
f**in shock Valume comin out of my tazer
Sit back and youre astonished
Gar Vs honestly k**in it
It couldnt be said so you let him just keep f**in spillin
This aint been done
Have you seen me before?
No, therefore, reinforce
Thugz roll on you, no Bellator

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 15:09