Ty Dolla Sign (Ty Dolla $ign) - On One

Song Rating: 7.50/10

Song lyrics:

[Produced by Isabella Summers]

[Verse 1: Game]
Look stop going through my cellphone
(Please), bae trippin, I dont know what the hell wrong
Bae dippin she on some sh**
I got her Louis luggage packed for the longest trip
Im like girl, you aint my baby mama (no), you aint my girlfriend (no)
All up in the club, n***as tryna f**
Holdin bottles up, get you caught up in that whirlwind
I text her like King what you doing?

[Hook: King Marie]
Im in the club feeling nice, Im on one
(I hate that I ever met you, I hate that I ever met you)
Boy when I drink with you, Im on one
Damn it boy I hate you so much
(I hate that I ever me you)

[Verse 2: King Marie]
You can blame yourself, for doing it to me
Damn I hate you so much, got me feeling like Kelis
Yeah, theres so many girls, to my left and my right
If I get one more drink, Imma switch to the other side


[Verse 3: Ty Dolla $ign]
In the club feelin nice

She bet I roll the dice
She give me that wet wet
I give her this pipe ooh
I fly her out when I be out of town
f** her in the room with the speakers loud, yeah
She give me head on the highway
She say her favorite position is sideways, ooh
Found out she aint the only girl
Sent me straight to the voicemail
I text her with a f** you at?
She hit back


[Verse 4: Game]
I know
You a dime piece, but I aint no side piece
And who this other n***a? Cause I got my side piece
And I got my side chick, replacement k**ers
This baby sittin Versace
You hate me b**h, but wish you sittin beside me
In the Gatti, feelin like Irv when I swerve
Watch me murder the curb
Bet it murder your mind, she got words for you birds
(Im in the club)


[Outro Skit]
I thought you loved me?! You was my baby! My f**in cinnamon apple! My rose! You was always there for me! And you wanna leave me for some f**in dumb a** n***a?! For some dumb n***a!

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