Treveion - Bwox

Song Rating: 7.69/10

Song lyrics:

{Show me them titties b**h, Gimme dat bwox}

Girl just lay back bust it open bust dem walls aye
Then get on yo knees drop them drawls and lick these balls aye
Girl just lay back get real comfortable bust dem walls
Then get on yo knees drop them drawls and lick these balls aye

Girl, I just want you for one night aye
I dont want you talking sh** or we goin fight
Get yo a** hit with this 2-piece you can get a f**ing combo
& I dont give a f** what you gotta say b**h f** yo convo hoe
You aint good for nothing, only thing I need you for
Is too come over to my house s** this dick like you did before yeah
I only want you for one thing
& that is to s** this ding a ling
Okay now, lemme break it down for all you stupid a** bimbos
Who dont understand yo damn title, yo title is hoes
All that yall knows is to get on those toes
& s** all these n***as dicks just like yall use to or done before wooah
Im Treveion wooah
Im known as a don wooah
But look on my left side and I got yo hoe wooah
Am I that nasty or am I just clever or maybe I feel like 50 cent and got me sum b**hes on my dick
& I mean they love this sh**
& they love my dick
Because my sh** is so damn sick
Hold up wait, Im Treveion and all these b**hes want me
& they see me shinning like a light
& I come through with my n***as shinning on sight

& if you talking goofy sh** better be prepared to fight
Cause I swear that Ima turn this b**h straight up into fight night
& if you talking sh** bust out yo eye you aint got no sight oowee yeah
This is off of the dome aye
Im just freestyling aye
Doing dumb sh** doing what I do a n***a just wilding aye
But remember my name cause this sh** is real as f**
I come in this hoe I might f** yo b**h and I might just bust a couple nuts wait
Wasnt yesterday national s** day oowee
Member those snaps that I sent to you, you, and you oowee
Yall know who the f** Im talking bout because those snapchats that yall were talking about this morning
When it was in this motherf**ing group conversation this morning hold up
I swear to god that Im that n***a
If you run up on me talking stupid you goin get yo issue
Reconsider, dont play no games
Dont be no lame
b**h use yo brain
Just stay in yo lane
You f** with me then I guarantee yo goofy a** goin get put 6ft
I aint playing with these n***as, these n***as better think
& if you f**ing with me you goin be dead before you blink
Hold on wait, what do I mean
n***a what the f** do you f**ing think
n***a I aint playing, n***a use a choppa
Come up in this hoe, crush yo head like a lobster
b**h its over, & I aint talking Drake
Scooping n***as b**hes, like a f**ing rake oowee
I do whatever it take oowee
To bust a nut for lord sake oowee
b**hes call me Tyrone cause I long dick style em all night b**h Im great oowee
I aint playing, remember my name
b**h its Treveion b**h, & remember what Im saying YEAH

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 22:06