Torture Squad - 174

Song Rating: 9.35/10

Song lyrics:

Rio, common day, another goddamn day
A delinquent hijacks a bus
What should have been just a mere routine
Turns out to be horror on TV
Negotiations pa** the hours
While police surround the scene
With a stupid tactless strategy
Fear inside, theres no place to hide
Ones nightmare becomes our tragedy

His mother, dead, stabbed in the back
Revenge and grief in his head
Living in the streets sniffing glue and c**aine
Using amphetamines and smoking crack
Terror that comes in the night
k**ing all his friends
Once again hes in hell on earth
Now in the bus victims are crying for God
That gunman needs to be neutralized

Living among thieves, d** and prostitutes
A son of poverty
A survivor of a terrible crime
The Candelarias tragedy

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to our freak show
Look at this crazy man, high and out of control
Hostages under his gun
Theres no place to run
A number youll never ignore

This is for real, the demon wants blood
Everyone will f**ing die, Im driven by demons

I dont understand, he was given a bad end
Dead in the police car
k**ed another victim, they also took a woman
Shot by the same police, it is f**ing bizarre
Three bullets k**ed that teacher
Live on TV for thousands to see
Disasteress police action, thoughtless unplanned
Now a question inside, is justice really blind?

( chorus )

Theres no place to hide from this sick war
f**ing sick war
At war

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 01:16