The XX - Conflict

Song Rating: 9.48/10

Song lyrics:

Born in the middle of conflict, your mother died giving birth, she whispered I love you, they were her last three words

Your father was strong, but still cried for your mum, and through teary eyes lifted you high, now its just me and you, Son.

Theyre calling him a coward coz he wouldnt sign up, so tired as projectile bombshells erupt and, retaliation is superseded by love, thats one thing he will never up!

He raised you in a ceasefire as 5 years pa**ed, it was your first day at school, Dad, took you to cla**, he worked hard, so you could have the life, he would dream of, free of repression, with a family to lean on!

When you were 8 years old, your Dad bought you a bike, the wheels were buckled, but you didnt mind!

You tried to steer when he pushed, lost balance and fell to the mud, but your Dad didnt help, Son, you have to pick yourself up

When you were 12 years old, your friends were k**ed by militants

Dad, why do these people murder the innocent?

Son, put your head on my shoulder

no Dad, I want to fight back, be a soldier, take control of all our freedom, I promise you when Im older, I will fight for the families threatened by what they told us

Your Dad raised both arms, put his hands on your wrist, and in a monotone voice, he told you this...

Ive seen so much war, Ive seen so much d**h, Ive watched homes get destroyed, until there was nothing left, and through all of this conflict, Ive learned just one thing, if war never ends, nobody wins

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 04:19