The Wreckshop Family - Cash On

Song Rating: 9.38/10

Song lyrics:

It go down straight up, it go down in here
All night in the lab, bout 5 in the morning
Me and my n***a Craig, you know Im taln bout
Ted Wheel in this motherf**er, thats how we do it
Know Im saying feel this, huh

[Hook: Noke D - 2X]
Candy coated, wet up out Eddys
So you know Im, pulling out ready
Grind stay stead on, gotta keep on getting my feddy
b**hes bopping car hopping, aint no stopping though
Im on the gas yo, I gotta get my cash on
[Dirty $]
Yeah, there aint no stopping a G
When he got his mind, focused on his currency
Its that Dirty $, but you can call me Jerry McGuire
We aint swapping gay bout Deniro, fa sho Im gon holla
At you much later playa, now Im grinding to get this paper
Trying to reep the benefits, from seven years of hard labor
When I speak please believe, my speech aint cheap
Spit for my health f** that, I spit for the wealth
My well-being, comes from seeing my baby girl happy
My T looking sa**y, in that new drop top Caddy
My pappy out there barely, but that only prepare me
Not to lean on no n***a, cause aint no n***a can carry me
Junior hustle to get it, whatever hustle Im with it
Make mine whatever custom fitted, in too deep to quit it
Went from ashy to cla**y, stay far from flashy
Got to make enough do, so the bread outlasts me

[Hook - 2X]

[Lil Shay]
Im candy coated out Eddys, as I bounce rock steady
Sitting low with Noke D, got a n***a looking ready

We aint tripping fa sho, in a candy Tahoe
Tag team on a hoe, how the f**ing game go
Fa sho we looking good, in the hood gripping wood
On some other sh**, plus we dropping off the goods
Here it is Shayzie baby, so dont front
Candy red looking blooded, like the first of the month
Pulling up iced up, chain gla** on 4s
For me and will be, to go and f** with some hoes
You know, Im at the dackory bar
With a bad a** b**h, giving head in the car
Jump out brush off, cause its money to make
Plus I got another Houpe, for that end of the pay
Young Shay, Chill Will and Noke holding the wheel
Pulling out on triple see, we rolling candy for real

[Hook - 2X]

Ive been all about the feddy, since titty milk was fed to me
To them days on the block, when crack rock was leveling
My Matchbox was stocked, and the knot in my sock was heavy
With dreams of a drop, and a new spot for betting
And a college degree, wasnt enough to feed me
Aint no small bidness loans, for n***as in these streets
Saw whipped that flipped that, f** a job I skipped that
Start that dipped that, handed equipped gats
Young entrepre-n***a, with ways to get paid
Turned crumbs to bricks, Hoo-doos to Escalades
From hot heat to shades, try to stop me you getting sprayed
Im on feet like Js, the streets paved the way
For a n***a to get the do, get the feddy get the cheese
Shot off showroom flo, in a new V
You gotta hand it to me, cause Im demanding a G
And thats respect, cause D-Reck gon collect you see

[Hook - 2X]

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