The Grays - Everybodys World

Song Rating: 7.43/10

Song lyrics:

Everybodys world is upside down
and they cant see their way around it
Everybodys world is inside out
and they cant seem to find a way out
they found out
that its everybodys world

Everybodys world is spinning around
and they cant seem to slow it down
Everybodys life is much too short and
you dont get any younger

still i wonder if its everybodys world

they said that love would set us free
they said that love was all we need

and yes i know its ugly sh**
dont you know that it is any way

you feel alone there in the sun
you are a nation made of one
but with no love your flags are furled
all youll see is every bodys world

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 20:32