Sy Ari Da Kid - Road To Heartbreak

Song Rating: 8.71/10

Song lyrics:

[Girl] Hello
[Sy] What you doing n***a?
[Girl] Good mornting. Um... nothing
bout to go workout and theeeeeen run some errands
[Sy] I was just callin to say good morning
[Girl] Good morning... ok. Whats wrong?

Who was the one
You was the one that
Said it wouldnt work
Girl do what you need, do what you want I...
Shoulda put you first, Instead I warned you
You aint gotta give me no deadline for you
Its cuffin season, Ill do fed time for you
Performing girl Ill be the headline for you...
f**ing right girl, yea

f** dem other b**hes I dont wanna lady
I dont wanna wife em, I just one night em
I aint nuthin nice, you aint nuthin like em
You so indecisive, Im so undecided
Yea, bout to start another fire
Yea, you so muthaf**in bias
Yea, and you know the winters mines girl, And the summers ours
Back when you aint have a ride girl you was a rider
Sick of sleeping with these b**hes, they f**in tired
Im just hoping that you spare me, no f**ing tire
Baby tell me what it is, I dont want surprises

Looking at me like a player, a womanizer
Girl this sh** aint adding up, we so undivided
Real recognize real, you dont recognize em...
Just walk away...

B4, b4, b4, (B4 I reach the stars)
B4, b4, b4, (B4 I break your heart)
B4, b4, b4... (B4)
Yay yay oh yay...
Yay yay oh yay...
Yea, Before your heart breaks

Why you even wanna start bae
Playing games you aint even at a arcade
Dont you dare call me dark trade (?)
And you sweeter than a parfait
Showing you affection in the broad day
Richer than the people on Broadway, meet me on Park Place (pull up on me)
I play the villain like Scarface, ride a wave like shark bait
You just wanna keep ya heart safe
But I be doing it the hard way
You know you gone love me always... just walk away

B4, b4, b4, (B4 I reach the stars)
B4, b4, b4, (B4 I break your heart)
B4, b4, b4... (B4)
Yay yay yay yaaaaaaaaaya
Yay yay yay yaaaaaaaaaya

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 01:16