ST - I Found a Ba** on ST-Joseph

Song Rating: 9.51/10

Song lyrics:


Im back at it, the rap magic track-smacking
The transaction bank crashing, hashtag it
The catalyst for change, new wind for the asthmatic
Im the blueprint, your goal is just to match cla**ics
The snack-smashing, Garfield with raps mastered
Haphazard, dangerous when the blast happens
Radiation reach the whole world in a fast fraction
Live stock dropping like wall street crashed actions
Lights flashing, when you know the end of the story before they finish it
You can just laugh at em
Real cat faction got the gift of gab, you stay shouting out white lies

Like the Grand Dragon
sh**, and we back in this b**h
Tryna make a difference in a land full of kids
Ignorance creates clones just imagine this sh**
Actually you probably cant, we aint matching our wits
You just think about cheese, bread, and stacks full of chips
Dog, thats my grocery list
I got a cup full of hope for the chicks, and I rolled up a spliff but thats it
Cause Im about as broke as it gets, yes
This is real life homie
When your movement is genuine you dont need lies homie
I been living this sh** since knee-high homie
We keeping it authentic, while you speed-dial phoney, alright

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 04:28