Soundtracks - Ride Out - Kid Ink, Tyga, Wale, YG, Rich Homie Quan

Song Rating: 8.68/10

Song lyrics:

[Rich Homie Quan:]
Came in at first, had bad luck
Got a whole lot, remember I aint had nothin
We done sold out, now everybody mad at me
Tell em roll out, now everybody smashin
Get ready cause you know we bout to be a problem
Hope you ready cause you know it bout to be a problem

[Hook - Kid Ink:]
Its the only way we know to go
Squad up, never roll alone
And we gon ride on forever
We ride out together
Pull up right in your zone
Take over the street, thats how we roll
And we gon ride on forever
We ride out together

Fancy when I drive, six cars in the driveway
Cash in the driver door, spend it, do it my way
I f**ks you like a matador, fresh out the catalog
One fall we all fall, crew like dominoes
But chase vamanos, all my dogs riding smoke
Mob heavy like the Pope, for that pot of gold
We are not alone, boy, better check your tone
You gone need a lot of help, I aint talkin bank loans
Sit with us, table last supper
Toast to the brothers, some bad motherf**kers
Yeah, aint nothin but pure luxury
You lookin left to me, should be looking up to me
Preferably one of the best
She ridin cause we next now and forever to d**h
Be loyal, real, and respect, stay ahead of the rest
We just sit back, relax, doin things to impress


Ridin on ton of waves
And no way these n***as stoppin me, oh no

Flyin from a mile away
Its not a problem, only real ones follow me
And I can do this with my eyes closed
Blindfold two times over
Ride solo, I got women and got soldiers
I aint trippin, you try to get it your nights over
Talkin all Melatonin, get it and fight coma
Whats defeat to a giant, n***as feedin the fire
History, n***as be less them n***as flee when they flyin
You dont believe it? Then try it
We dont believe in just tryin
I call it peoples and leave em in 100 pieces divided
Thats cold blooded
And Ive been this dope for like four summers
And I aint really going for the he say, or she say
Keep it G for Petes sake
I know this sh*t that bone you pick
Might leave you n***as feetless


Its YG 4hunnid!
Is you ridin?
Is you with all the burglarizing and the violence?
If Jimmy got caught up, but you right there with him
So the police askin you questions, is you gone keep quiet?
Is you loyal, is you real, is you fake?
When I cant tell thats the type of way that I hate
You got that fake friend, San Tone
Theres no cure so them symptoms is gon show
You know the code, stick around, hold it down, never fold
Like its a crease up in your Dicky Browns
Hold up, each one teach one
Motivate each one to be somethin
Cause I aint just another statistic
I do this and that if you wanna get specific
Im just tryna make bread come quicker
For me and my day one hitters

[Kid Ink:]
Ride out!

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