Soulja Slim - U Gonna Feel Me

Song Rating: 8.25/10

Song lyrics:

You gonna-gonna feel me now...

Uh-huh, yeah look, feel me now
Gonna feel me now uh uh, yeah uh
Yeah, gon feel me now

[Soulja Slim]
It dont stop, you know how I dos it
Always known, for making cut throat music
Dont ever rap about, I aint got nothing to do with
Im a old veteran, yall be on some new sh**
Im bout to lay this down, and get a few things clear
The head cutter, like to see it when its done from ear to ear
Did a year time in a cell, oh well
Kept me someing air freshener, to k** the weed smell
I done mines, and they still getting it out me
Until I get off this paper, Im gon stay in and out it
My lil dogs around me, no convictions can take a leg
When we step into Spades, whats you see is what you get
Representing me and mines, like cut throat period
With that look on my face, cause Im stone bone serious
I rap for the streets, I can never fall off
Wasnt feeling me then, you gon feel me now dog uh

[Hook - 8x]
(you gonna-gonna feel me), you gon feel me

[Soulja Slim]
Point blank this real life, dont feel comfortable telling tales
I dont knock it because it sells, but see me Ima keep it real
P wasnt upping no mail, so fore I jacked the clown
I went on bout my bidness, thats why we dont f** around

Created a different sound, Cut Throat you hear it now
Be cool, cause I can really make yall seem lost and found
I roll with two four pounds, told you that months befo
Keep playing like you dont know, and Ill be up at your front do
Move on it slow ha-ha, thats how I play it
I dont forget nothing, forgot you showed me where you stay at
Im doing me you spose to hate that, but dont diss me
Your whole new familyll get it, f**ing round with me
See that 2Pac clone you got, that gon be the first
Put 504 Boyz, on side of his hearse
Now I got a murder rap, Im going to trial
Guilty or not guilty, you gon feel me now uh

[Hook - 8x]
[Soulja Slim]
I been getting mines, I aint never been signed
Never knew what a contract looked like, till I own mines
Cut Throat Records official now, and Im the first artist
Quick flip wont lose out, long as I take the office
The game is infested with sharks, and Im in deep water
I re-rock the game all over, like some shake from a quarter
They water whipping yall to d**h, look Im solid
Stay my distance from cheese eaters, dont know if they wired
Im out chea, and Im trying to be out chea
Bet you see me riding someing, two thousand and fo year
Oh yeah Im bout my work, yes Im is
I done lived in some places, that give you boys the chills
For real Im to the bone, with the meat showing
Aint no dope gon be cut, without me knowing
I been jonesing for a lil while, Im still wild
Maintain and get this paper, and make my own self proud

[Hook - 8x]

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