Sea Ba** - Hi, This Is New

Song Rating: 7.64/10

Song lyrics:

I was walking along, headphones on
Instrumental playing, thinking of new songs
I could dae, but as it played
I question my motive
And what Ive been saying on tracks I didnt notice
It might been perceived that Id hope to achieve
Something else or myself was lying to me
Thought I moved in stealth
But said shhh to many
Well, at least its freedom of speech
And if I proved nothing I proved I could do that
So I didnt write a track as I walked on that path
A pressed pause...
And I question that, question rap
Question; questions, and more came back
And back at the lab where I mastered speech
With padded walls took the pad and wrote whats me
Thought what I want to be, Or rather just see me
That walk I forgot, but heres where you join me

(And Im Free)

Check (SOS)
Not one for the heads, not one for the rap fans
This ones, for ones, that wonder when at one with oneself
Hell, thats my metal medication
To stop myself dwelling on every situation, I was placed in
Instead of pacing thinking of frustration
Ill start thinking its amazing adding that to the equation
Heaven, aint a place on earth
Its a place in your mind I explore through verse
Sick of seeing underachieving Im believing in more
And thats the reason that I sit and writing along to these chords
Switching off the TV cause who gets applause
Is only those that are blinding and trapped in its jaws
Lost cause and because you watch they make billions
An unknown example we set for our children
So, no aggression or jokes
And this aint rap, this is something I wrote
(With a little hope)

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 12:34