Ruby da Cherry - Nm jc

Song Rating: 9.90/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1 - Anthony Mars]

Cock that Glock, then I pop, pop, pop
All the bodies drop in my drop top
Holla f** cops because I wont ever stop
Hit the Benz and I pop that lock
Screaming mother f** the law while I ride around the block
b**h, Im so f**ing sick with the sh** that I spit
Watch them all get hit until I f**ing get rich
Mother f**ers know what it is, $UICIDE
Give a f** about life
b**h, Im ready to die
Scrim aint shy
Scrim just high
f** all yall busters aint sh** in my eyes
Brain on fried, Columbine mind
To k** all you f**ers and piss on your mothers
Call it what you want and call it how you see
One thing I know yall aint f**ing with me
One thing I know yall aint f**ing with me, b**h

[Verse 2 - Norman Atomic]

If it was up to me, I would f** it up
f** everything and bust a nut
Yung Mutt never smiles, got to cut me one
On my flip phone dialing 911
I need a pick me up
So come and picky me up
So I can pick me up about sixty bucks worth of sticky nugs
Just a quick re-up then Im up, up and away
b**h, Im grey
Take me to my f**ing grave
b**h, Im broke like the bone in your back
Get the f** up off my wave
Let me drown in peace, b**h
Bring a gun to the beach, b**h
Blow my brains away
Brain matter scattered in the sand
Surfing blood soaked waves


I been smoking
I been smoking
I been drinking
I been drinking x 4

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