Rob Sonic - Dollywood

Song Rating: 9.49/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1]
[Aesop Rock]
Ollie on a dime, golly what a leap
Posse in effect, poppy in his tea
Dotty Im a rebel, cut away the pattern
Coffee on the dash, Muppets Take Manhattan
Circulate the pest, faded corpse paint
Old tanooki suit, Gang of Four tape
Gold Bazooka Tooth, eerie audio
Dont go in the light, heres Bobby, go

[Rob Sonic]
Platinum half a ton, milli magnum
Silly, rabid, dumb, trick the pinky ring
Campers, pack a gun, run you ragged from
Trouble as it comes, Mr. fifty winks
City bully brawl, if he could hed call
Whitneys wooden hall home for holiday
Lizzy, thinning hair, is he sitting there
Dizzy pigeon stare, sh** is commonplace

[Hook] x4
Happy to be on the food chain at all

[Verse 2]
[Aesop Rock]
Appetite of ten, hoodie on his mop
Racing RC Cars, rubicon across
Baby, party hard, copy, understood
(How are you today?) Jolly f**ing good
Treading water in a dying industry
Covering his face, hiding in the wings
Born to hammer nails, bang a leader up
Die anonymous, face the Beelzebub

[Rob Sonic]
Razor on the edge, pray you stop instead
Save your honest men moneys medicine
Let your flag fly, rep your half pride
Tempers bad, implied once hes jettisoned
Get him to the Greek, I bet he wouldnt eat
Heavy pudding cream sitting on a dock
Feather, hair and beard, whether they appeared
Never shed a tear, sh** is none oclock


[Verse 3]
[Aesop Rock]
Circling a drain, eye a lions share
Fighting evil art, lions, tigers, bears
Violent sea of sharks, baddies vaporize
Do not stare into the gla**y manga eyes
Gangly overbite, city folk amok
Taketh no sh**s, giveth no f**s
Little green men, pull a k**er card
Fire in the sky, vultures in the yard

[Rob Sonic]
Autodiner blitz, borders on the fritz
Mortars, comets, sticks, stone a minor threat
Pour the pot of piss, sorting on a whiff
War of opposite and open sinuses
Time release remain, I can see the rain
Why believe in vain, climb the Benny Hill
Live, at least today, spy the thief invade
Find the cheapest way to cry when Kennys k**ed


Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 14:45