Questlove - The Spark

Song Rating: 8.20/10

Song lyrics:

[Hook] x2
Yo, the feet that I walk with
The ears that I hear with, the eyes that I see with
The mouth that I talk with, the terror that I stalk with
Now its time to spark sh**

[Verse 1: Malik B]
Look God, I walk around a little edgy already
Yall MCs come into my face, but my aims steady
M-illitant is sk**ed in most strategic plan
I float across seas and, breezed across land?
Standing, in these thoughts of murder within
Destructor of this world thats corrupted with sin
Im always hitting, to leave MCs guessing
For any transgression, in my perimeter
There will be a blessing, and your explicit intoxicated
Buddha session, to stop stressing
Me with the madness, putting n***as on my had list
No sadness is felt, you shuffled and your cards get dealt
Jim Carrey a** n***as start to melt
Impact like a buckle bein swung from off a belt
Any help for shelter, when in the realms of a welter
My weight will tilt ya, hold alignments and change your filter
My attitude a product of society
So sometimes for gratitude, you know you cant rely on me
n***as eyeing me, with looks of they anxiety
Wondering whats in my heart, velocity or piety
Yo, it depends on which one, you bring to surface
At times I get trife, but what to worship is my purpose
Malik B blend with the tree, to spot an enemy
You clogging me up cat, now vacant the vicinity


[Verse 2]
Im symbolic to a ballot, its Abdul Malik
Dont approach with bullsh**, Im quick to call it invalid
Route through your district, we keep it simplistic
No need for the rapper to talk, put it on halt
Show me the vault, or the safe, cause Im on the paper chase
Wade through route states for bout thirty down my waist
Im tryna get it, these rain bottling thoughts become acidic
With one in the chamber, ready to aim and spit it
A girlfriend and team made n***a cash just splintered
I take what you got to give, cause I got to live
The last hour, I bet your a** in rack shower
Might act up, but I still can pa** dowa
Im using new ways to try to reach these better days
Instead of tryna take you under I just make you wonder
I still fast, make salaat and pay zakaat
I didnt make Hajj yet, but thats my next project
Living two lives, one of turn and one with true lies
Keeping up hope, knowing hes answering to my duas
In the quarters living modest with my n***a Trotter
I circle my foes, like tawwaf around the kaba
I used to live life, like there was no maรฑana
Now Im treating every breath, like it was your honor
Im Mill-itill-itant with the Fifth that stand firm
Like a pillar, Im I and T-L like Manilla


This is what its all about

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 14:47