Pouya - Loyal to My Soil

Song Rating: 7.22/10

Song lyrics:

[Hook: Pouya]
I co-sign myself
I dont need your help
Money it connects
If I wanted a boss I would have stuck to my job
Picking a place with a fake a** smile on my face
No joke, Id rather be broke
Then to take my orders from you
Voices in my skull is telling me nobody f**ing with you
Just know nobody f**ing with you
Its the 21st century
These rappers acting elementary
p**y boy hating on me, never mention me
Best friend turn into an enemy
.357 be the remedy
.357 be the remedy

[Verse 1: Pouya]
Its the man of the hour
With a plan and some power
The mix tape water
And the fan base of flower
Every track that I make is elastic

Paper or plastic
?? knuckle sandwich
Claiming you hard but you acting like the son of Magic
Johnson, you dont want that ??
Lights, camera, action
My b**h look like Cameron Diaz
Double S be the set, and I aint signing for a reason
Im an alien I make money under the table
Bought a brand new house but Im still stealing cable
From my neighbors
Still a $tunna, still not doing favors
Still a bum with terrible behavior
South Side Slugs
And you still wondering how I got this buzz
In less than a light year
My b**h went away but I always been right here
I stay loyal to my soil
Rappers p**y dry I think I need the oil
Your flows and styles is boring
Why you think these fans dont want to see you touring
I take my time, b**h Im patient
Your new song got no plays, I can feel your frustration
Im on a jet, and you hating from the pavement
Jaw drop leave a b**h in amazement


Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 14:23