Nines - Loosing Myself (Its True)

Song Rating: 9.40/10

Song lyrics:

Okay were back on our wavey sh**
Say Ahoy to your captain
Its that n***a Nina with the Nina

I am losing myself to find you, (uh and this tracks called its true)
(? every bars true, you lot gotta listen up close) i am losing myself to find you
(cah this has got pain and real sh** uno) i am loosing myself to find you
(but you n******gs keep doubting the dude) yeah im dying its true

[Verse 1]
Cooking up it aint fried chicken, Ill hook you up i aint line clicking
Miley cyrus on the trampoline that white flippin
All them paigons skate when they see me in the flesh
I aint flake like the media express?
I aint give a f** if i get views
I cant be on the block with these n******gs that just left school
Promoters tryna book me for shows but they aint offering enough
Thats why im still out here cooking up Os
Im on the grindi dont need a girl
Most my n******gs got cases so when were all together thats a ?
Rolling in the fast lane my line was doing old ? road numbers
Now its like hotels and park lanes
I got a cancelling cos its a mission bringing the food back
I need a driver, i might bring in phillip but screw that
Im bout to make a k**ing, cant be chilling with the new cats
They bugging me to do tracks but im just tryna move packs

I am loosing myself to find you, (yeah down my n***a, let that track breathe fam)
(i mean these n******gs aint ready yet) i am loosing myself to find you
(we out here flying birds, n******gs are taking selfies) i am loosing myself to find you
(i mean theyre backwards, we out here trapping, n******gs are tweeting)

Yeah im dying its true... its true

[Verse 2; NINES]

n***a want my life wish we could trade place
Cah i cant role without a nine cos im a bait face uh
I aint tryna end up in cuffs
Told my n***a i dont want nothing for my birthday because his presence was enough
Saw the new ? i had to cop it, before i even put it on
I made my n***a nasa rock it
My face is getting bait, im still selling weight
Whipped a whole one it looks like i made a wedding cake
Im stacking for a new life, them man are preparing for the summer
Ya man aint a boss like ? hes a runner
Got that TT crack to the fiends love me
I hit it if shes got back, i dont care if she ugly
The tapes taking long to drop cah i move bricks
Thats money in them shoe boxes, they aint new kicks
And i still move a 8 ball like a Q stick
Told a fiend that i aint like nike cah i dont do ticks


I am loosing myself to find you
I am loosing myself to find you, i am loosing myself to find you
Yeah im dying its true...
Its true
Its true
Its true
Its true
Its true
Its true

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 22:43