Nick Grant - Forever And Always

Song Rating: 7.34/10

Song lyrics:

You go build me up or hold me down ahh?

(Verse 1)
Im that n*gg* even when Im out of town ahh?
Selling hoes, can I buy vow?
I made it and brought my drug dealing friends
Rolly hanging out the window with a Benz
Where wer you n*gg*s hating? come again n*gg*
She dont intend to want non a dem
Dirty money, dirty money
Im legit
Tell your favorite raper he should call it quits

B*tch*s said I wasnt sh*t, I am the sh*t n*gg*
She got a *ss that dont even match her hips
Hey, hey, hey dead about a b*tch
I like my women a lot a thick
When your flow is presidential you dont got a lot of politics
N*gg* tell the radio that they do gotta play my sh*t
S*ck a d*ck n*gg*
Still getting rich n*gg*
Still getting rich
Still getting rich n*gg*
Go tell my mama she can quit n*gg*

F*ck what you heard I come a long way

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 09:08