Mykro - RG Cypher

Song Rating: 9.45/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Corny]
I can spit a written or go off of the top instead
Haters give me “nahs” like the guy who said hip hop is dead
Soon theyll give me “yeahs” like they feel it while they nods their head
About to go ham, no sandwich, not a lot of bread
That means Im broke, I aint got a lotta dough
While were talking grains, let me let you know Im on a roll
A white kid with freckles still searching for his pot of gold
Plutos like my flow, never mind its not as cold
Sorry, that last line was Corny
Living up to my name the whole worldll know it shortly
What was this game before me, dull as f** it bored me
Now Im about to f** it from all angles like an orgy
You got 2 options, ignore me or adore me
Cuz I forget the hate like that fish named Dori
I dont need the money, I dont need the glory
Bouta son these rappers like an episode of Maury
You all know the story, you are not the father
This is what you call a cypher? This is what I call a slaughter
In this ocean of rap theyre a single drop of water
While I control the tide like McCarrons alma mater
Get it Bama? The ones saying roll tide
Im staying underground like that one Chilean coal mine
Been told Im a young kid with an old mind and soul like
Benjamin Button and Im getting better the whole time like old wine
I hit you with some punchlines, time to really say sh**
Rep the DMV on that Northern VA sh**
Getting bigger there and then Ill spread across the nation
2001 Odyssey, Im driving in a spaceship

Thats why Im blasting off and going up, you know whats up
I lit the fuse Im blowing up, talk to a mic and open up
About my past and my life or some sh** you must decipher
The bars I drop are Loko like whos next up in the cypher

[Verse 2: Haze Loko]
[Verse 3: ] and Ill rip you apart
I hope you arent scared of the dark
Cause if you are you wont get far
Im the epitome of d**h and decay
And I f**ed your b**h, she a bae
If you arent bout it bout it then you got me doubtin
When that happens Im gonna be removing you, exorcisin
Call me the RG Pope, thats right Im holy
And if you try and front, Ill eat your pony
Now make way for my son
You scared to d**h, you scared to look, I schooled ya

[Verse 4:]

[Verse 5: EmperorAguila]

[Verse 6: Mykro]

f** yall
Game Genius #1
Took the e outta yall with some diffrent strokes
Hulk smashed this sh**
Game over

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 12:10