Montana Of 300 - Ooouuu (Remix)

Song Rating: 8.63/10

Song lyrics:

[Intro: Montana of 300]
Rap god, man, FGE sh**, man. You already know what it is man
You already know why Im here, man
I aint like this f**ing beat. Only doing this sh** cause my fans asked me
In the studio, eating Halls and sh**. Still sick with this sh**

[Verse 1: Montana of 300]
These haters on my dick piss em off
Take a pic with his b**h flick him off
These rappers trying to steal my swag get the sauce
Sold they soul for a loan n***as lost
I was lit like a new torch,streets was my new sport
Belt buckle double gs like two forks
Was drug dealing freakin balling like I was Too $hort
Was serving n***as in the mall like a food court
Deuce 5 on me I was Derrick Rose in New York
Had to put some squares in a box like some Newports
I grew older and my heart got colder
And my mind got stronger
And my money got longer
And them b**hes got naked,and them people started hatin
And my guns got bigger,so my flow got sicker
Let me tell you about this young cat,I always used to front packs
Was known for poking n***as for that paper like a thumbtack
I told them come rap, stop hangin with them dumb cats
Its free J Real until the day my n***a comeback
I used to pull up on the block with the ba** banging
Big Strap hug a n***a like he waist training
I catch you clowns running around get your face painted
I put the chrome to his dome cause I hate aiming
10K for a show, you better hurry before the price change up
Rap god the life bringer,The life changer
I hope they pull it, 30 bullets in my banger
Versace shoes on looking like the white ranger
And these b**hes not my problem they aint stressing me
b**h if you not my you b**h you cant question me

And shawty wanna blow my whistle she be beggin me
You call her Stephanie?, I call her referee
Shawty got that fire head thats a specialty
Head down between my legs OOOUUU pedigree
KP just called said he got another check for me
Like why you keep on sonning them I should get a vasectomy
Flow heavenly G.O.D. keep on blessing me
On my legacy
Saucing they want the recipe
Im flyer then a Frisbee got all the b**hes fetching me
And your b**h like my song she know every word like a spelling bee
Boy I swear we will be nothing breathing ahead of me
Came a long way from selling weed, wetting sh** like the 7 seas
Stacking dough,and cracking hoes filling n***as with jealousy
Way before the felonys had these b**h n***as scared of me
I promise if you threaten me, When I see you you better be ready to back it up because Im on your heels like im Beverly
k**ing the infidelity,After U like the letter V
Gun smoking so much I think God might just be inhaling me
My swagger said,Might bag ya b**h
Go through walls like casper sh**
Might sent her back after I hit,Then go home to the baddest b**h
Thats savage sh**,I spaz and sh**
Rap god to some Im blasphemous
Ive mastered this,They mad as sh**
They cant stand me like Kapernick
Ive pa**ed the grace,[?]
My wrist matches Michael Jacksons kicks
That 40 in my lap and sh**,No poking me like cactuss
And no more moving packages
Im stacking chips,my cash is thick
They broke as hell but paying tithes
Reason there pastor is rich
Pole inside my jumpsuit look like I be running track and sh**
This 30 be my magic stick
I shoot like Im T Mack with it
Catch an opp in traffic like Lebron you know Im [?] and sh**
No joke and play,Just hope and pray one day I dont go back to this

Date of text publication: 19.02.2021 at 13:13