Montana Of 300 - Air Jordan

Song Rating: 9.37/10

Song lyrics:

[Hook 2x:]
These broke n***as cant afford it,
The bad b**hes cant ignore it
Gotta ball for the fans, whole team gettin bands
Throwin money in the air like Jordan
Money in the air like (uh huh)
Money in the air like Jordan
Gotta ball for the fans, whole team gettin bands
Throwin money in the air like Jordan

Throw money in the air like, uh huh
Money in the air like Jordan
Everything white dude Zach Morris
b**hes wanna kick it like my name Chuck Norris
That trues on top of them Jordans
Got b**hes on my heels like Forrest
If I hit her with the dack, my n***a its a wrap
Ima have that b**h hooked like a chorus
Give the b**h more wood than a forest
Ima cut her just like the surgeon
My swagga tight as a virgin
Just hit a lick on the vic, Im splurgin
Throw money like it aint no limit
Two b**hes on my lap thats kissin
If you n***as keep sneak dissin
Then my n***a, he gone shoot like Pippen
Love the game like Mitch, but I ball like Mike
Everybody take pics, when a n***a take flight
Shawty all on my dick, Like Im finna say hike
Ima hit that b**h like a n***a named Ike
These f** n***as be hatin hard
They move some, my tool bust
And I shine hard, cause I grind hard
And these thotianas be crew lovin
Its HF, and my crew stuntin
My n***as icy like cool runnin
Yo boo blush when I wink at her, we leave the club bout 2 some
Hotel room, with yo b**h, I go to sleep, yo boo s**in
I wake up, and I roll over
Hit that b**h, snooze button

[Hook 2x]

Aye this Chicago, we rock Jordans
Yall cant hold me, Im Michael
Man Ill whack whoever try to, thats right hand on the bible
b**h Im M.J. in the finals, aka yo new idol
Money stacked tall as the Eiffel, cockin b**hes like rifles
OK now shawty got her tongue out, uh huh, tongue out on a n***a like Jordan
Gettin top from a thot named Morgan
In the parkin lot with the 40 in the foreign
Already cocked, tell the opps I aint goin
Shawty still blowin dont stop keep goin
I dont play around, Ill spray around, lay a n***a down, on top read the paper in the mornin
Yeah yo team s**, yo b**h too
She refereein my whistle, that b**h blew, and my wrist blue, Im iced out, no igloo
Ralph Lauren, Michael Jordan, Gucci, Louie, I do it
I be soarin, Like Im Jordan
Goofy, you Patrick Ewing
Uh huh, I love the game, and Im tied to it
F.G.E. Im signed to it
Im with the sh**s, I dont sit the bench
I dont drive the lane, I glide through it
You aint ballin, shame on you
b**hes on us, but they aint on you
Im in V.I.P., With yo ho on my lap
Get the ho a stack, make it rain on you

[Hook 2x]

Ok Im breaded up, and Im breaded up
M.V.P. and V.I.P
My young n***as up in the club
And they aint showin no I.D.,
I got more juice than Hi-C
Im Gucci, Im so icy
Im trued up and Im Mikey
Come watch me ball like Spike Lee (Yeah!!)
Yo girl all on my dick, you shouldnt have came with her
I bet I hit that b**h, like a game winner
You see my chain glitter
Ima make it rain n***a
Just dont forget Im Mr. Let That 40 Bang n***a!!!

[Hook 2x]

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