Mike SB - Flowers

Song Rating: 7.57/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse : Mike SB]
I swear its more than just a feeling of hunger
If I get then theyll perish, if I dont were going under
Thats why Im writing another, To unveil what they wont tell
Fake rappers winning, wonder why the real wont sell?
Cause we never had us a pot to piss in, f** a job description
Hey, my mom did more than cook in the kitchen
I mourn for the lost souls, wound up missing
sh**, theyre believing what theyre told, really its all fiction
Youre living your own vision, them criminals live in their own prison
Thats the path that they chose. Why? Only God knows
I went from living on the low to getting high and hitting notes
Me i found refuge in the studio, to take my girl and all my nephews on the road
Im doing me and taking out anybody opposed
I suppose we can make a toast cause were coming close
Now Im sipping some merlot, rocking the fur coat, dressed for occasion cause this world is so cold
Got my team on the left, I know were doing right
My eyes are more red then when Im flying at night
Boy we flying tonight
First I looked up in the sky and said I was afraid of heights, now Im like its a heist!
Taking all of their money and throwing it in the bank until the Franks look nice
You can do anything you think, do it right

I think there is no need for sleep when youre living the dream
All these people on E cause they had no plan B
And now they need some motivation, Im rapping as if its me
A, you can B who you wanna be
C, we started from the ground like marijuana seeds
And now theyre tryna keep us down but weve got all their needs
Aye, that sh** aint coincidental its really just mental
But keep denying and pretty soon you all will see
How we all are the prodigy of who we want to be, weve gotta evolve
Go from spending it all, to having a shop in the mall
See when you mention the work you put in it baffles them all

But when they see the outcome, theyll come in and get involved
Im chasing the dream whether you like it or not
Mikey,when you gon pop?
Well I dont know, were bout to blow, and if we dont we wont stop
Nawh, nawh
We getting stoned until my whole team rock
Our eyes are low, but were about to level up

Real as no other, my brother
I wouldnt be where Im at without my family specially my mother
So roll another, take a moment of silence
Cause anyone can take a shot, and then youll hear them sirens
Rapping isnt violent, its about youre environment
Growing up but we aint going down without trying
They said we wouldnt make it this far, look where Im standing
Me, Im bout la familia like I was Hispanic
Aiming for a grammy, willing to take a wrist (risk) cause I know that sh** wont get handed to me
It takes time so dont panic silly
Most kids still plotting a million
Me, Im gone, pa**ed that
The rap will bring cash back
Nawh, thats just another white boy whos thinking hes fly
Look into my eyes
Say it to my face and then Ill make you wise
Im meaner than the rest of all these other guys

I deliver without a guise, still theyre dissin the guy
Waisting all their time hating, they should live their life
Me, I stay up at night writing, not so they think Im nice
But so they know it when they hear me, they wont have to think twice
Do you understand?, cause if you dont than Ill run it back
Marathon man, when Im hopping onto the track
Dawg its one love, hit Jamaica they show respect
They think you need some money in the bank just to keep you in check

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 20:54