Mickey Factz - 4:14 Am

Song Rating: 8.58/10

Song lyrics:

Thank you achievers
I had 4.14 in my bank account
I had 4.14 in my bank account
Now you see why I aint wanna rap with artists
Buy colors when it aint nothing to paint about
So I got on my knees this is what I pray about
Lord God my dreams
My dreams x 9
Son wake up
Son wake up
This is your father talking
Your job is not done
Wake up
Do what you are called to
You are the descendent of king

[Verse: Mickey Factz]
My pops woke me up and told me Im the illest out
Its crazy cause these are dreams Im spitting out
4:14 in the morning, pouring my spirit out
Last year those three numbers was in the kid account
This year Im getting that cheese
Looking for Swiss accounts
Next year, I want so many keys
Its hard for Swizz to count
Saw a bum from the box he was living out
So I gave him 425
Cause I was almost a guy
Who couldnt afford to be fly
When I was in the drought
Ten minutes later that same bum had a Guinness Stout
Wasnt even mad, he took the liquor route
Cause I did the same thing

Just to get the feelings out
Do this for the people with goals writing these lyrics out
Cause I know how its like to be broke and people kick you out
Then they want to rewrite the story
And say without them how you wouldnt have got the glory
Think I lose my number for real
Dont try to call me
Answer machine after seven rings Im Robert Horry
Shout-out to Key Wane for the record I redecorated
Shout-out to Zeno for the video it was elevated
Shout-out to MTV for showing it that was record breaking
Cried in Chicago, reciting it
I was devastated
Cause I didnt think Id ever make it
I got back on my feet
Done levitated (wooo!)
Yall dont know how its like to be semi-famous
Hungry with no money and too proud to ever say it
It wasnt for my achievers
There probably wouldnt be no music out of your speakers
I thank god everyday for all of my believers
They say I do more for their thinking than any teachers
And for those who think this tape is about sneakers
Its not, but I run these MCs in my Adidas
A four-fourteen had me going through a crash course
Now they dont giving the people just what they ask for
Sixteen corners was enough to give me transports
Now my kicks cost the decimal after the last four (do the math!)
Thats a clue in a tax
Brush you with the paper
Yall know it was facts

Your destiny awaits you
Embrace it

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 11:14