MC Twist - B-L-N-T

Song Rating: 9.74/10

Song lyrics:

(Uncut funk)

Think it aint?
(Come here to sock some soul to yo a**)

[ VERSE 1: MC Twist ]
Check it out
Im hip-hops EF Hutton cause all the people listen
Flash is steady cuttin while Im straight dissin
You see, it all starts when I step on stage
And pull a freak out the crowd that will engage
In a freak show on the dance floor
I dont claim to be hardcore
But the way I write is the way I feel
Not a styler but Im makin that dollar bill
I love to rant and rave cause thats the way I behave
While freaks throw kisses, throw panties and wave
Intimidatin by the words I speak
And its on the strength so it cant be weak
Its strong, never long, my words are brief
And the crowds a tribe and Im the head chief
Forever dictated by the way I rhyme
So all you s**ers (better luck next time)

Yo Flash, its on the strength, boy, so cut it up
(Hit it)

[ VERSE 2: MC Twist ]
Its kinda like Monopoly, Im the wealthiest player
Cold crushin filthy rhyme sayer
With all the moves to keep me in the game
Makin record after record, buildin up my fame

With the mic that I like I cant do no harm
Doesnt k** or do damage like a firearm
Its just a tool that I use to school
Just like a queue stick when Im shootin pool
You talk a lotta trash you will get floored
Like a piece get jumped on a checkerboard
Meet your inner dark alley, I make you fall
Like youre a pin and Im a bowling ball
So enemies freeze, I dont intend to budge
Never goes away talkin bout my grudge
So to those who fall victim to my rhyme
All I gotta say (better luck next time)

Yo Flash, we still rockin em, so do it again
(Hit it)

[ VERSE 3: MC Twist ]
You know I max hard in Cali checkin out the East
Where the West Coast sounds are heard the least
Promotin my single, no need to hope
Cause I know its gonna hit and the beat is dope
Im gettin stronger the longer I spit these rhymes
Im makin hella more cents [/sense] than nickels and dimes
Words bein joined without weak points
Hookin up to one another like skeleton joints
If a line gets heard after bein bit
Im in the fast like Im usin a first aid kit
Then I find the s**er who did me wrong
Take him out quick and repossess the song
Cause my name is Twist and thats the name its done
So all jokes aside, eliminate the fun
Read my lips correct when I end this rhyme
Cause all I gotta say (better luck next time)

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 19:40