L!Z - 5 Starz

Song Rating: 7.67/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Blast Holiday]

Call me Jean-Claude, daddy got the heart of a lion
Or the ? son but my name aint Zion
And Lauryn Hill aint my mom, she just sung to me rhyming
Up early in the morning, getting dressed for grinding
Like nothing really matters, everything is everything
Sweetest thing I ever know, where the snowy weather be
Im advanced like NASA, representing liberty
Looking like the statue, really missing Bitomy
Really wishing Will was free, really wishing Pillz was free
I possess sk**s worth mils that I get for free
Too obsessed with deals on battlefields done on the street
I been through with the b**h, she just hung on to me
You could cut a zip in nicks and dump it all in half a week
And re-up happily, what up ASAPery
Put me on the mic with a beat, Imma fracture it
Went solo out the group and still blew like Jacka did
This is not a accident, Lyrically the Blasta is
Truth like sermons on Sunday that the pastor said
Too damn nervous that Im getting watched by the feds
Cause the last murders got my mans in a cell bed
Slammed getting cell-fed and he might not make it home
Hold your head up high Lil Spice cause youre not alone
Star grippers what we call this song
Cause I be lost in the cosmos every night that he call my phone

[Verse 2: Lz]

Ay, I show you how the cold get
U-b**hes, they done all turned cold pimps
Other n***as loose-lips, yup turned cold snitch
Where would I be in life without Thai and Black Rich?
Whoever fathomed this? Nuge in abandonment
Got the whole hood wounded like we need bandages
Once a frozen heart man, and now I shatter his
I remember Morph, spitting at the old park
Me and D out the way, n***as slide in go-karts
Work been bad again, gotta slide old cards
And now he locked again, ask me overcharged
Ask me, probly tell your a** Im in Mars
Probly round the corner n sh**, something thatll eat your car
Torture time, turn it up, hang em like the clothesline
Me and Blast bangered up, like play with us
Paintball we gon paint it up, with the ?
Beating stank raw, crank it up, Ice b**h
We came together and got tight like vice grips
Only one request, please leak Spice this
Kiss the syrup b**h, just for a price fix
White light snitch, lying from the ice picks where whites pitched
Night licks, b**hes fake like white chicks
Couple dollars for my mans to fill up, priceless
I know how it is when your b**h on some Mike sh**
Like me and Gus up late tryna slice crips
Know how the movement get, start this sh**
Like Im Huey P. Newton b**h, at ?

Real nig heard you rooting this
Lifes a chess game, play it back and play the proof in this
Late night got the b**h like its a roof in this

[Verse 3: Blast Holiday]

Big respect to kings on them chessboards sending they pawns out
I can see why you stressed for, staying in moms house
Past the age limit, your bedroom youre renting
Youd be better off in Quentin with a job in the watch-house
Or PIA, I got a Beyonce
That keep a 30 plus say with a snub, not long mouth
Now she might say that she cant stand P
But cant pa** up a day without singing my songs out
This is feel-hood music for federal cases
Lil brothas with trigger-locks and out of town plates and
Serial scratched off and clips that hold more than ten
Banga Boy T got off the 16
What you know about promethazine? Whole 16s
That could murk you in your sleep like it did Pimp C
Gotta work for what you want, aint nothing for free
Cause if you front a n***a one, he gotta give back three
Look like we breaking down a plum picked right off a tree
Only rock with Cold Guns, ASAP on the sleeve
Youngin rockin whole drums, never falling off beat (bam bam bam)
Hennessey and Hypnotiq naughty, watch it turn green
Like Bruce Banner throwing tempers, thats the hope you seeing
Bright light on the mic, thats them roaches fleeing
Coupe supersport of course, only European
Its leaving smoke like Newports, you hear them tires screaming?
Knocking loud on my porch, thats the buyers fiending
DVD on 50 inches got The Wire playing
Iceman, Bobby Drake, thats the dragon slayer
Now who know any residence where dragons staying?
Its blood on my shirt, thats the dragons mayne
You could see I aint hurt, thats the dragon stain
Lil Coon in the wagon, attacking the lane
Pushing the same damn product that k**ed Rick James
While Im blowing lalalala, lungs is praying
And if rap need a doctor Im operating
In interrogation rooms not cooperating
Plies rated real, Blast got no weight then
Who remember days like Boosie Bad Azz
When ? sold weight, no scale and half-a**ed
It really didnt matter cause the money came that fast
On Dana at the Carter, running from dispatch
Morph was in the building speaking to mismatch
May give me a million so he coulda spent that
I had a little sk** that came with getback
Or get clapped, Gunna life; Remy got me feeling cool
Same block, Ice City, crack album j**els
No Hider No Liar volume one and two
Made a ten minute song with Lz and Drew
Rob Benz did a cla**ic compared to Snoop
When he was with d**h Row and dropped Gin and Juice

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