Lofty305 - International

Song Rating: 8.29/10

Song lyrics:

[Intro: Lofty305]
Yeah, chyeah, uh yeah
Lofty yeay, chea

[Verse 1: Lofty305]
Young god yen bout to go in
Tokyo pimpin, [?]
Lofty from within without the resident
Comin out the day where n***as live for sin
You aint got sh** to lose no matter what you do
So why the f** would I ever let you tell me what to do
Its Okio pimpin [?]
Charging all my symbols, prayin in a temple
Gasin out the window, space ship, shape shift
Take a lift off of the surface of the planet
8Bit goth hoes f**in with my pimpin
Nerd quard cubed up, doing business
All my dogs draped in the same color, frisky
Reboot the PC, emailing this b**h
That b**h say she main b**h asian
International, motherf** a fake pasion b**h

[Verse 2: Smug Mang]

Smug Music
This is Smug God a.k.a. Xan Lord
Polo everyday down to the drawls
And pause because what Im on
Slowmotion, purple potion
Yeah that sticky icky potent
Your b**h f**in with me and you know it
No, I aint flexin but I like to blow it
Always seems throwed and Im lost on a ocean
Amsterdam [?], coughin and smokin
Walking through the airport slowkey
Real love songs on [?]
Cause my emotions cant be put into words
Thought you can swerve
Cause you do not compare to her
Her hips, her thighs
And when I drink the [?] you can see the hate in my eyes
The pain is minimized
And through my music yeah you read my mind
So nevermind
Youre behind, you better rewind
Youre just in time for the Smug Show
Youre just in time for the Smug Show
Youre just in time for the Smug Show

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 20:53