Larry Jon Wilson - Ohoopee River Bottomland

Song Rating: 7.77/10

Song lyrics:

Mm, hmmm...
In south Georgia theres a river called the Ohoopee River
and my people been living down there, making love an war and babies
and liquor for about 285 or 90 years...
and in the meantime, theyve corrupted Ohoopee to become, uh, the hoopee
mm, hmm
mm, hmm...

This low rent land has turned to sand
an I done stood by it all I can, Im leavin...
Im leavin

Papa he said good luck son,
Try to remember theres always one you can turn to...
When you need to

Mama fixed her boy some ham and ho cakes
And dry your eyes cause you knew one day hed make his own way
quick as he can Lord,
from the ohoopee river, hmm

the farm house leanin and the barn is rottin
and my back is bent from choppin cotton in Macon...
Im Achin

box and pine and croppin tobacco
wore out mule and a no count tractor that just quit now...
this is it now

this land has brought me pain and sorrow
the trailways coming through tomorrow, Im leavin (leavin)

man, just as soon as I can Lord (soon as I can)
from the Ohoopee River Bottomland (Ohoopee River bottomland)

Two years gone, I been on my own,
my belly told me moneys gone in Reno...
in Reno

The bright, rich town with the city sound
and everybody tellin me to lay your money down boy...
get your bet down boy

Them that win is them thats betting
is them thats got, is them thats getting, Im leaving
for home, as soon as I can Lord (as soon as I can)
back toward the Ohoopee River bottomland (Ohoopee River Bottomland)
mmmmm, hmmm, hmmm

A hot dry highway, a Utah by-way a semi stopped and hes headin my way, Thank ya...
oh, thank ya

driver said son I just had to ask you
did you find yourself a greener pasture?, no sir...
I said no sir

Met a few people and this friend of mine, mostly Utah has been unkind.
Salt Lake City can do without me, theres some folks in Georgia that care a little bout me, Im Leavin (Im leavin)
for home, as soon as I can Lord (soon as I can}
to the Ohoopee River bottomland (Ohooppee River bottomland)

(Ohoopee River Bottomland)

(Ohoopee River Bottomland)

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 18:20