Kurupt - Mystic River

Song Rating: 7.67/10

Song lyrics:

[Verse 1: Kurupt]
Come and flow with me down mystic river
Im like moonshine, I shift your liver
This a Kodak moment, life is pictured
The frame is the world that surrounds the picture
After two sons and three daughters, Im purified
Like Arrow Head mountain spring water
Life can s** breath outta you like mosquitoes
I scooped up the game like two steelos
I locked up bangin a lot
Stuck in a sink for a Newport menthol box
Is there any way I could escape
From the bad decisions in my life I made
Grab up the tape, clear the floor
Strap up the 8 n***a and clear the door
Its like U-Haul trucks
Hittin every vicinity you heart touched
Its about to be a house party crackin up the street
With them bangin a** woofers, the speakers and the beat
Just a little bit of this, and get a little bit of that
From the front to the back (*back*), dip to Battlecat
Im on float like doves
Sit on the clouds and smoke my dubs
Im up above like cuz, sit on the balcony and smoke my bud

[Chorus: Daz]
D-P (D-P, D-P-G-C)
G-C (D-P, D-P-G-C)

[Verse 2: Kurupt]
Im a profit prophet
Im a prophet when it comes to profit n***a
Im a legend and icon like Lou Dosset n***a
Pushed from Gabon to Syria, Greece, Turkey, Lithuania
Kenya to Nigeria, Belgium to Algeria

Liberia to Los Angeles, Morocco and all areas
Listen, lets take us a trip to east [?]
Egypt to trip they pop they dog collar
Hogs holla Guatemala to Eastern Europe
To Nicaragua n***a Gotti is all rider
This is just a description
Specific formulas of untapped encryptions
I got it all mapped out (*out, out*)
Think about it for while til I blackout (*out, out*)
But now Im back in curcuit
To reconstruct the service the game is hurting
Dogg Pound Gangsta gang remain and working
Political purpose squeeze like nooses [?]
Theyre about to raise the curtains were at your service, n***a
Dont get nervous
Cause I get ya, slit ya, ankle to cervix
Cause they always wanna doubt ya
n***as like b**hes, they cant live without ya
Ay homie, tell me what you think
n***as wake up eat, sh** n sleep hate
Ay homie, tell me what you thought
When your homeboy got rolled the f** up, huh?
Ay homie, tell me what it is
The cars and the b**hes, the diamonds or the cribs?
Ay n***a, tell me what you want
My memories my future up front?
My memories my futures what you want?
The nickel or the rage or the gauge ride pump
This n***as a mystery, historical pre-historic DPG history
He even has his own theory field at USC teaching DPology
The life of a G
BC, Young Gotti, Snoop, D-A-Z n***a

[Chorus: Daz]
D-P (D-P, D-P-G-C)
G-C (D-P, D-P-G-C)

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 08:24