KR - Dearly Beloved

Song Rating: 7.82/10

Song lyrics:

Dearly beloved
Um, hi, how you doin?
My name is KR, here to penetrate then keep it movin
But not your physical, your mental, just to keep it fluent
You deserve a couple bottles of, um
Couple bottles of gin and some juice
But I aint turnin up
Got some time, tryin to spend it with you
But I aint cute enough
Drop dimes when Im up in the booth
But you aint notice, huh?
Probably f**in with n***as with coupes
But I aint got it, love
Its been the same old thing when Im out here
n***as rockin they big gold chain
But I aint no slave
Im a soul brother, with life goals and a good mother
Committed fella, dont fight folks in the newsletter
I got good vibes with me
Maybe we can hit the block I got five fifty
Dollars that is
And yeah, I got a little tree if it convince you a bit
And yeah I light it up for you whenever you take a hit
Then we can space out
I bet you never wanna leave after we make out
Expect, the birds and the bees

Geez, mami chill I got somethin to prove
And if you ever gettin bored I give you somethin to do
We could fly to the islands
But you know that Im broke
Used the intellect to spit knowledge down to the people
Its simple, but I aint tyin to hit you with games
Subtractin the negative to keep our mindset the same
Dearly beloved you a strong woman
You aint gotta degrade yourself when all these people lookin
And I, I aint a baller but Im takin the time
To get to know you by explorin your mind
Hopin that I will find
Probably somewhere a little [?] to it
And yeah your smile I can get used to it
Its kinda hard livin life in these streets
But Ill appreciate the struggle if you live it with me

Dearly beloved (dearly beloved yeah)
Its not about what I have
Never been the type
Never been the type to
Run away, Im stayin right here (Im stayin, Im stayin)
Dont run away, run away, run away, from your heart
Dont run away, run away, run away, from your heart
Cause it will cost you, itll cost you your piece of mind
My, my, my, my dearly beloved

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 20:26