Kove - Hi-Fi

Song Rating: 8.69/10

Song lyrics:

[Produced by Benson, additional production by Kove]

[Verse 1]
Higher temperatures, I am meant for this
Riding on an icicle in a December mist
Im feeling blessed with bliss, Ive got my pencil gripped
Tryna write about whats left of this
Cause whats right is wrong, so whats left is best
When only your heartbeat and breath is left
There aint nothing clearer than cleanliness
Thats why the doctors say clear when they press your chest
Cleanse your sins, cleanse your sense
Forget a press ticket, whose event is this?
And I am not on the list for the guests
But I guess you could be my guest if I guessed the list
24 missed calls, 9 messages
Howd I wake up next to this?
Are you tryna string me along?
And if so, whats the length of it?
How long is a piece of string?
I can smell burning
How long was the pizza in?
But I dont give a-, censorship
sh**, Im in the next abyss
Filled up to the brim with emptiness
And thats the strength of it, and so I guess this is

This is it (This is it, my n***a, this is it)
My eyes are open now (This is it, my n***a, yeah, this is it)
This is it, yeah
They cant hold us down, its over now

Where the f** did I put it?
When the f** did I last have it?
f**s sake

[Verse 2]
Alone, on my own, just zoning
Dont know where my phone is, home is where the heart is
f** it, then Im homeless, heartless bastard
f** it, I dont know if my daddy noticed
That his son is fully grown yet, f** it, I should phone him
I aint got his number, all Ive got is Mums one
All I need is that and a toilet with a plunger
To get rid of this sh**, knowing Ill regret it
If I mess it with my chick, still Im messing with this bit
Whos a seven at best, maybe seven and a bit
On a good day, but this is a bad day
Im using a beer bottle as a flipping ashtray
Convincing myself Im winning in this rat race
And that mirrors just a picture of a sad face
Listen to my damn pain, feeling smaller than the pins point
André feeling Outkast in a room full of 3000 Big Bois
Feeling like a skinny kid, wishing that I did roids
Feeling like a wasteman, wishing I was employed
Like Im on my d**hbed, wishing that I enjoyed life
While I coulda done, shoulda woulda done
Listen to the ba**, listen to the drums
Have you ever had a dream
That you were being chased but couldnt run?

[Hook x2]

Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 20:07