Kj-52 - Swagged Out With Tags Out

Song Rating: 8.43/10

Song lyrics:

I was like dag if I hear somebody brag
One more time in they rhyme all about they tight swag
Im a write back and tell them what they might lack
I aint mad I just had to find where they minds at
So if its time to shine and the lights flash
Holding out my fingers to the sky in a tight grasp
Then run like Jerry Rice on a nice pa**
Put a spotlight right on Jesus when the mics pa**ed
I got a white tag plus a bright bag
That matches w/ my sneakers and the jeans got a slight sag
That aint the meanings where my lifes at
Its only found when I be proceeding down the right path
So if I speak I know they might laugh
But they never seeing what Im seeing so I ride past
If I stop my breathing he decides that
Until that day just happens I keep leaning now in spite of that

(swagged out with my tags out with my tags out)
Oh you think you getting?
Oh you swagged out you think you bad now
You getting swagged out just with youre tags out
You think you swagged you on that cash route
You better change now you gonna get mashed out

Hopped up out the bed turned ya swag on
Took a look at ya mirro on ya dads wall
Said whats up feel good about what you have on
Skinny jeans listening to youre favorite rap songs
All black on fitted cap on

Culture really is who you are dont think thats wrong

Uh uh thats how ye were shaped
But when swagger so thick we cant see youre faith then
Thats when God has got a problem
Bragging about yourself in the contents of ya album
Swagger is really arrogance hiding behind rhyming
Coolness eclipses the glory of God the father
Thats inherently wrong
When the glory of our God gets buried in youre songs
So the next time you be on stage
Faith up swagger down so we can seek his face

These dudes content man is so sinful
I made it so simple put it on a slow tempo
They think they pimps but they more like pimples
They making little sense like a pennies and 4 nickels
You grow little you live in compromise
So when you live yo lives you living lies
The only way they big macking was the very time
You combined youre fries with a number one supersized
Im shooting for the skies so if I land on mars
I let him guide me like the grips on some handlebars
His hands were scarred so heres a battle call
To stand out like hot pink on some camouflage
Im standing strong in fact Im standing on
The very rock whether off or the cameras on
Yall can try and knock and go and slam the song
But did you ever stop to think man before you sing along

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 15:52