Kay shisa - True stories

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Song lyrics:

L-prince Da lyric- True stories(lyrics)
Did you know .am writing this song on a Saturday
Heard about the parties but i chose to be at home instead
Am a simple guy i walk around carrying my laptop
Most of my peers walk around carrying cooler bags
This aint no judge of character, am telling true stories
This the type of news . you only hear from rappers and
As young kid i had marshmallows in my pockets but
Looking at the kids today with condoms in their pockets
This the generation that we call the born frees
But if you ever ask me i will tell you That they born freaks
Boys looking for love. In wrong places
Girls looking for love. In all the wrong number plates
Fake love is expensive. Its high maintenance
Unless you want a baby with no father and no maintenance
I can tell you straight about the girl that you loving now
She probably think you stupid cos
You cant even drive man
Shes hanging with them boys who drive their mamas cars
But. Shes the one thats getting ridden on. On a daily basis
Its no glove,more love
What a sacrifice
I hope the free rides to school was really really worth it girl
This the generation that is full of sh**
Wither you like it or not. Your future wife is probably sick too
Did you know am writing this song on a Saturday
Heard about the concerts but i chose to be at home instead
Am a simple guy i start the day off with a cup of coffee
And my peers start the day off with a hang over
I can tell that many of us want some money
But, i just wanna ask you do we really have to k** for it
Let me tell you something that happened in my neighbourhood
Let me tell you a story that never made it to the news
Did you know about this story of this young girl
She had a fat a** she gave the neighbours all erections
It was hot day so, she took her shirt off
But one stupid man was always watching on her f**ing window
He got into the house knowing she was home alone
He raped the girl he was a neighbour and a married man
The story was heard and the people were too quick to judge
Asking if the girl was the one who was just seducing him
He was a married man .saying the girl was probably thirsty
He was married man. saying the girl was just a b**h

How could she f** a married man and tell us thats its rape
How could she. Take off her clothes with a man around
These were the questions that these women were just asking about
These were the questions that these mothers was just asking about
Those were the questions that many people just wanna know
Let me ask you these questions . Or let me tell you this
Did you know?
This girl has never f**ed before
Did you know?
This girl was still in school and
Did you know?
This girl is probably traumatised
Did you know?
This girl will never be the same
Did you know?
This girl will never love her self
Did you know?
That she got taken from her innocence
Did you know?
She still still feeling like a victim and
Did you know?
That she was only 12 years old
I wanna know, why these people live like animals
Step fathers. Are raping step daughters and step sons
Pastors in churches are busy feeding people poison
We live in a generation where religion is a business
People making money out of other peoples innocence
I wanna know
How these people think that theres still heaven
When they cant help someone. without expecting nothing
You stop and ask for directions
They thinking that your robbing em
Theres no trust or faith. Between my people man
See i dont read the bible
Its too much politics
I just feel that people use the bible just to judge people
Church every Sunday but your soul is still contaminated
This the true stories
No lies ,or deceits
Cos i dont know the difference between a saint and a sinner
And i dont know the difference between a Christian or m**m
Cos at the end of the day
They let each other starve

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