KA - Confucius

Song Rating: 7.69/10

Song lyrics:


Yeah n***a
Yall n***as is happy to be here n***a
We makin history, lemme get a light (lighter sparks)
f** you n***as talkin bout n***a
n***as gotta go baby
d**h is just part of life
Believe it n***a
Make space cocks**a
We all gotta die but you goin before though me n***a

[Verse 1: Roc Marciano]

Chrome magnum, live primitive, Cro-Magnon
The oldest lineage, the coldest of flow patterns
Broke addicts, coke habits, savage
Im in the cold with no jacket
Push the b**h magnet, with the modern Mac in the back
Dipped the Yacht-master in platinum
Uh, sent to Christ one frigid night
Your skins bitten by mice, you sniff the white off the invite
His wife like the end of the knife
My life stereotyped
Why ice took rap to new heights
That entice thick woman in tights
Cloud ya optics, you plug no power socket
Down lock it, with more tricks than a clowns pocket
Brown leather seats sweet chocolate
Freeze watches, I shoulda opened up my pimp chakras
Push the plush Acura with the character
They thought I had to add the flux capacitor

Im back from the future, my aura is fuchsia
The rollie face all Medusa
Record next door to Lucifer
I escape thru the time warps, tubular
High pulse, squeeze all kind of toast
Release your soul into the cosmos
Step on the cockroach....sh**...cocks**a!

Spread the f**in word n***a metal(as in Roc and Kas collaboration; Metal Clergy)

[Verse 2: Ka]

Demi-God, without the semi still plenty hard
Invoke opium-soaked quotes, many nod
Bread in the gutter I utter it should be
Better than butter ima cut of the good brie
Dont look fraud, a big dog if you aint hood flee (flea)
See me scratchin faster than times were vigorous
Kept format in mind when all that shine was frivolous
Crime indigenous design rhymes of ominous
Heavy tolls, bury those we find aint diggin us
Game on, say its on blocks need a chorus
Born to ride corners lock cops keying on us
My young stans get it now one chance
Crook apathy like Butch Ca**idy (Sundance)
Brazen, not big into behavin
Triggers we was blazin n***a livin like a pagan
Nightimes shaved our lifelines, squads bleed
I pray the demons slow, Godspeed
They commit harsh deeds even if Pa plea
Counters to my brother capture
I keep my heart free
I cut rap another chapter, im a hard read

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 06:48