JT Machinima - Darkness Falling

Song Rating: 7.65/10

Song lyrics:

Bloodstains of the fallen
Plague this trail youre walkin
A warning to be harkened
The eyes of fate are always watching
A desecrated grave forgotten
A seed of evil in the garden
Now rise up from your coffin
Submit yourself into the darkness

[Verse 1]
If d**h is a drug
Its a fact, Im an addict
Like a virus and I happened to catch it
Gettin k**ed isnt such a practical habit
You could say that Im a master at it!
Call me hollow on a path to madness
Like a phoenix, I came back from ashes
Im bad with fashion
All Clad in black
But Im the ashen one
So Im glad with that

Take a step back
My weapons are ma**ive
I ma**acre ma**es
Attack like a savage
Im hackin and slashin
Ravenous Dragons
Isnt that Draculas Castle Im pa**in?
The Lord of Cinder is back from nappin
Theyve all gone mad
Now theyre actin rabid
Ill have to send em all back to ashes
If you see an estus flask, you better grab it!

As I walk into Lothric
I can see their fires
Swallowed by the Darkness
Push through the fog
I will only find solace
When Im slaughtering
Every Hollow carca**
All of my blocks and dodges
Are flawless
I devour gods
But dont call me Aldrich
Praise the sun!
Here comes the Dawn, b**h

I crossed swords and alot of bosses
They got pissed off because mines the longest ;)
Knock em dead
And fill up my pocket
If youre not my friend
Youre nothin but a conquest
Light a bonfire, catch your breath
And get your rest
Cuz who knows what the heck is next ?
Somone left a message and I better check it:

The Darkness is falling
The Grim Reapers calling
The Shadows are coming
To Life

And I must rekindle
The embers that dwindle

From ashes and cinder
Will I rise

[Verse 2]
From the deepest pits of the abysses
Comes a sickness
With which Im afflicted
Even though my destiny
Might be scripted
Can you tell me one thing that isnt cryptic?
Because my grip is slippin
On my sanity
Im barely hangin onto
My humanity
Every encounter ends
In a calamity
Why do I do this to myself?
Answer me!

Now Im as hollow as Ill ever be
Because the dark sigil
Has already branded me
A curse hangin over me
Like a Canopy
But I will use the darkness
That was sent to me
To keep the first flame burning
For centuries
Light and Darkness
Are not complimentary
My Enemies will never see
The end of me
Because I just cannot seem
To rest in peace

On the grind like a nine to five
Scrapin by like Im deprived
Tryin not to let the fire die
If you need a light, then Im your guy
Im a lord of cinder
Adorned with embers
My flame will burn
Even through storms of winter
Because I will emerge
As an immortal victor
Every foe I face
Is gettin more familiar

I seek the chosen one
To have my curse undone
Embrace the dark or praise the sun!


Hollowed, empty
Stoke these embers
Lost my memories
Wont remember
The flame is fading
Im the lone defender
I know Ill have a dark souls forever

Life and d**h
Dark and Light
Warmth and Cold
Wrong and Right

Your Nightmares take control
Nothing can make you whole
Theyll break your soul!


Date of text publication: 18.01.2021 at 19:58