Joe Flizzow - South East A

Song Rating: 9.43/10

Song lyrics:

[Hook : Jamir (Slapshock)]
Its Lifestyles of them kids in the Southeast A
Trying to make it to the top in the South East Way
Were never gonna stop
Stay fresh till the d**h and were never gonna drop

[Khan (Thaitanium)]
E.A.R. to the street so you can hear our culture
South East A you know we got this whole sh** covered
We full-forcing in them air forces
Young Bosses Bangkok Riders stay cautious
This is Hip Hop to the d**h And now, now, now, now you rocking with the best
Got that 9Face on my chest Salasi I Jah Rastafara I bless

The ba** kicking when K.H. on the keys please
The Southeast beast heavy in the east streets
Got my uptowns on when I touch down
Lookin pearly white homie lookin dynamite
Now let me get some kick and some boom bat
Something old school so I can get my groove back
Got my checks on the side and you knew that
Shorties lookin at the kid like who that


[Joe Flizzow]
My uptown keep me grounded
These color ways is so crazy
Im so fresh when Im grinding
KL till I dying this is the South East Kartel Young CEOs Arriving
These other cats you they hardly surviving
Step your game up before Yall claim to be ballin
And even if youve got a 9 to 5
Aint no reason I cant be fly in your 9 to 5s

[Day (Thaitanium)]
Welcome to the real Force Ber Nung Numbe One BKK of Course
Krai may ru krai mai keaw kor get LOST
We do it real hard tum pen keng dont get smart
We the dream Team from the South East A
Keep dropping all the new hits do it big
Taking over the business can you see this
This block we got it locked

Ku titih ku daki ku melari menuju pelangi
Ku rapi dengan berani E.A.R. di dalam hati E.A.R. sudan sempati

Aku filsuf dari temasek Negara sebesar titik di peta dunia
Kamu Mampu melahirkan rappers melayu seperti aku
Wahana bicaraku melekat ditubuhmu
Seribu tahun belum tentu dapat kau disembuh
Berani juang berani rempur


[Way (Thaitanium)]
On this track right here its a star alliance
F Cards that was dealt I changed the stars alignment
Yeah, we set a blaze call the firemen
Cause Im stylin shortys eyeing him
YES, whatever did I done to deserve this
Holding down the A thats our purpose
Supposed I proposed that I bone like dominoes cos
Clothes dough and O is all a brother knows

[Moots (Pop Shuvit)]
We set the pace in this game cause we E.A.R
Quick gunnin for the top cause we E.A.R
We dont follow well lead the pack
In these Air Max 1s youll never see me fall back
Mengikut rentak corak budaya
Asia tenggara dengarlah jeritan suara
E.A.R. on the streets theyll be yellin
E.A.R. South East A tak berbanding

[Berry (Saint Loco)]
Gerakkan imajinasi dengan tehnik yang atraktif
Singkirkan imitasi ini visi yang eksplosif
Keep rockin dont ya drop it, semangatku bagai dinamit
Dalam Project we just do it Now Im Jammin with the Chronic

[Dandee (Silksounds)]
Its southeast A rap project E.A.R Main Act
Clubs bouncing asap fresh on every A track
Cla** A lay-back A Whattup! Get that sign up kick facts
Let me know where the biz at?!
Touchdown another day another city
Bangkok boogie down, KL Jiggy
Thriller in Manila when Im in Quezon city
In Jakarta Im like Indo and its getting bigger COME ON!


Hey, Hey, E.A.R. Fall back, now!

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 11:28