JG - Nebula

Song Rating: 7.57/10

Song lyrics:

when life was priceless
didnt know what price was
or cost of living
now I cant unplug nor unsee
what Ive been seeing
stressing about rent
when I was born for free livin
in a perfect pigment
of my moms s**m
and fathers eggs
scratch that/reverse it
same flow/ same distance
ride these melodys
to feel my blood pulsate
chaotic in breath
so I hold oxygen in my pockets
keep it close
oh I keep you close
each time I struggle
you the diamond of oceans
aint shared it lately
but you been knowin
now we sit here finally
face to face
watch the world melt away

to reveal the colors
you keep inside
hows it feel inside?
you still got hate ?
or you freed your heart now moms?
Hows life ?
You know that bet we made?
I hope you win it.
Id die to free your stress
no lies, no gimmicks
and I know you see me as ungrateful yes. but I just ask for respect
hows a kid supposed to build with no esteem given?
learned it from these crowds
that grace me with they presence
no hate though, maybe thats just how it was written.
lots of things Id like to say
and unsay
do and undo
but you know that.
well, I wrote this poem
to express how Ive been feeling
blessed yet empty
hungry yet full
loved yet malnourished
but maybe its just me.
anyways I wish you love and peace. so peace.

Date of text publication: 17.01.2021 at 03:01