Jesse - #SameTeam Zambian Remix

Song Rating: 8.74/10

Song lyrics:

What Im finna quit for?
You see me living like a king
Its still 116 bruh
Oh Lord! working for the same team
I think I need a adlib from Diddy!
Cause Im-a take that each and every city
Homie, Im-a take that, take that(X5)
I think I need a ad-lib from Diddy!
Cause Im-a take that to each and every city, homie Im-a

[Verse 1: Jesse]
Pulogulamu tai naka, nama scripture paka paka
Ama boys bala blakka, blakka, blakka, blakka, blakka
Tear the block up with a chopper
Preaching Jesus its a shocker?
From Lusaka to the Copper
We will talk although they mock us
Just give me the ba** and I spazz
Im finna be reminded that to God Im all gla**
He sees through
Keeping it cla**y dont ask
But if you do, Im gonna be here with my crew telling you bout the truth

[Verse 2: gEO]
Im sick of it Im not feeling it
People walk around with hand made guillotines
They wanna chop heads off whats the strife for?
Were supposed to be one and not rivals
Were the same team, were the A-Team
We dont look alike you can trust me we have the same dreams
Love, joy, peace not war look division in the face tell it bysop no more

[Verse 3: Tef]
Wells Man, they thought I wouldnt k** it but Im 4D
Get familiar with the villain like Im Voorhees
Coming through the ceiling for the second time, Saturday the fourteenth
You gon feel it like the Force
And of course we forcibly forced our way in, forty-four deep, for the bar seats
So good but its so wicked
Count the points on the board, those some dope figures

[Verse 4: Chisiki]
Grind hard but a penny is what we bring to make a dollar
So I know that we working for the same team
We U. Bolt on a track, no a beat track, track
So Christ, yeah, thats who we are pacing for
On a mission to proclaim Him
Light house on a hill, cant contain it
So we drop the ball everybody hit the road
Dif lanes but the finish is the same line


[Verse 5: Tony of 911]
We all part of the same body
So there aint no competition, we just trying to reach somebody
Feeling honored to be part of this team
Different studios but still have the same dream
Dreaming of a generation on fire
Cause it seems everybodys trying to be cool now
Cold hearts, no room for love
But we reaching out to the world with His love

[Verse 6: Ludo]
Can we turn a people that embrace his likeness
Can we turn popo lock them in cells of the righteous
Can a 44 be painted as I write this

Can we focus not on who burnt who in these cyphers
And can i hear a beast something like a roar
Till they know the king rules the jungle thats my soul
Im like whos Miriam with all this mi-mi speech
Clean the interior then outreach
Can somebody preach

[Verse 7: Jo-Z J]
Like hold up wait
Divorced with the world now
We separated like two lanes
It was a street fight clubs werent swinging
Till I brought out the bat like Bruce Wayne
Same Team Im glad you made it
To where the trinity wont die like the Matrix
If eternal life is the salary then I cant wait for my pay day

[Verse 8: Fugi]
Living it, giving it rhythm with spiritual meaning
And different vision but then
What we living for?
Is it self glory or a greater scope?
Knee deep in a shallow pool but tell me what you swimming for
Dive in with your head first bro, you aint even stop to wait for the gun to blow



[Verse 9: D.E.S.T.R.O]
Its DR. Voltrons feet
Im running it real geeked a stampedes the least
Of your problems
Anomalies steady Preaching
Same Spirit as Deacons we exorcising the heathens
One Body united never a devil in red, Manchester
A Jester into a citizen Heaven break loose
To hell we chucking a deuce
Same Team with different people up in a revolution

[Verse 10: Ntazy]
I dont compete with what my fellow christian rappers do
But if youre not them I cant lie Im trying to murder you
Everybody says it I just felt like being specific
I dont need tomorrow to be Wednesday to feel that terrific
Were to real for you to label us a Dream Team
We the type of cats the beat the referees team
We fight and hate everything you worldly people do
But we wont let religion hold us back from loving you//

[Verse 11: S.Y.K.E.S]
On my 116 manyazi yachani
Gotta walk that talk ngati kwama ilina pazdi
Kuti nilikale moyo yesu tinakasta mwadzi
Ngati zina Faith I walk pa mazi
Lyrical miracle spiritual I
Rep with the team we the salt and the light
Of earth and we drifted from sinning alright
Same team be the mission alright

[Verse 12: Tony Grammz]
Would you rather be a branch or a leaf?
If youre steady sipping water like a root
Whats the proof youre a crop from a whole different seed
Wheres the growth of the church if the head or the feet dont connect like a Siamese breed
I mean yeah, Im So Good but really I am indifferent if Native to Lotahouse or Bittersweet spitting
long as the mission and the team dont seem different


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