Jennifer Damiano - If Only

Song Rating: 7.78/10

Song lyrics:

Whereve you gone, old friend, lately?
Just a boy in a suit
So much joy to pursue
And have you left me here waiting?
To grow up on my own
On this road all alone

I am a desert of unfulfilled memories
Skeletal pictures of that which will never be
What it is we dreamed
Lost in the thoughts of what never was
A child in a storm of madness because
d**h calls unspoken unseen

If only we hadnt listened
To ambitions that were far beyond our reach
If only there was a way
To take back yesterday
Youd still be here with me
Why oh why
Oh my whole life
If only
You were a second late
Dreaming about yesterday
Why oh why
Oh why did I
If only
You never came for me

Where have you gone, Willow, lately?
Just a girl in a dress
With a world to impress
This morning I could feel the changes
Shadows on the wall
Laughing as we fall

All of my moments are fractured behind me
The toy of a girl has shattered inside of me
All before I said I do
And why does the silence emulate violence
The cold and the quiet screams in defiance
Where did I misstep, where did I lose?

If only I had listened
To the voices telling me to take it slow
If only I had known
Would I have chosen another road?
Oh if only I could let go

Oh why oh oh my oh my if only
If only I could be home
Oh why oh why if only
If only

If only I had never gotten a letter
If only I had never wanted for better
If only I didnt stay up at night and miss you
If only I didnt feel like I feel when Im with
If only I was never lonely
And felt the city calling my name
If only I was never lonely
If only I never came

[Willow & Women}

Why oh why oh my oh my
If only
I never fell in love with you
If only if only

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