Hydro - Redemption

Song Rating: 8.18/10

Song lyrics:

Asian savior Im feeling very lost right now and I dont
I dont know, I dont know where I should go
I feel like, feel so alone
Feel like I dont have anybody
Its okay, Im always here [?]
We all going through stuff baby (hey)
Hold my hand (I got you)
As we walk through the valley

[Bridge 1]
I can never let you in
You wouldnt survive in my skin
I can never let you in
Im fighting with my demons, trying to wash all my sins away

[Verse 1]
Tip a twenty money [?] comes and goes
Im finessing so elegant through these highs and lows
Learned a lot from my mistakes, I study all my [?]
Im just trying to lead by example, I pray this [?] to you
[?] roll them spliffys, boy them jawns be lit
Boy I got your back and we gon stay strong I wont let [?] slip
Yea lifes [?] connects, link of gold around my neck
Smoking dope fresh out the drawer, candy crush my [?]

[Bridge 2]
I can feel your pain but turn that pain into production
She say I aint her type but still providing me that suction
You can want it all but first you gotta start with nothing
And I dont even need all that but b**h give me my something (hey)


I aint never finna stop (I aint stoppin ho)
I aint never finna flop (I aint floppin ho)
I aint never finna quit
Imma go hard in this b**h til it payin my rent
Boy I aint never finna stop (I aint never finna stop)
I aint never finna drop (I aint never finna drop)
I aint never finna split (No way)
Imma stay down for my folks til the motherf**in end

[Verse 2]
I got dreams so cla**, I dont attend (Whoo)
I smooth talk so the [?] slight bend
My last girl prolly sayin I aint sh**
Sorry little b**h, you just mad that in my life you dont exist
I bought a [?] so I proceeded to [?]
f** 12 I dont like them bacon bits (f** 12)
f** the law, boy we bust without a script
Rest in peace Yams so Im cautioned with these Xans and these [?]
Boy life so fragile dont drop that gla** (oh)
[?] throw me seeds as Im searching for land
Christopher Columbus filled with rocks in his hand
He in the trap tryna make a life outta [?]
I got plugs cross town so I seen the rail
From the trenches to park benches I know just how you feel
I know your f**ing pain as we liv[?] day
Its like Xs throw Os and Im tired of this game

[Bridge 3]
I can finally let you in
Open up the pores so you can feel through my skin (feel through my skin)
I might finally let you in
But can you help me fight my demons as I wash all these sins away


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