Holly Starr - God Is

Song Rating: 9.66/10

Song lyrics:

When all you see, Is here and now
When everything is crumbling, falling to the ground
This is just a moment, This is not forever
I know it seems impossible and all your hope is gone. Chorus:
But God is... God is...
Greater than the fear youre facing, greater than the storm thats raging
God is... God is...
with you when you cry, so cry out his name

Cause God is greater than the pain. He knows the trials, His children face
He knows the tears that fall that we all have to taste
But dont you dare let go now, dont let the candle blow out
His love is strong, so just hold on cause he is with you through it all Chorus repeat Bridge:
He is mighty, More than able,
to rescue and restore the ones he loves
He is a refuge and a savior
A savior Chorus repeat God is greater than the pain

Date of text publication: 16.01.2021 at 12:01