Haley Halflife - Bamboo Grove

Song Rating: 8.64/10

Song lyrics:

[Intro: Hermi7 Khalfani]
7ARC yo
Trial & Error uh
3rd Coa$t!

[Verse 1: Hermi7 Khalfani]

It go, twistin
Three-sixty with the head of owl
Counting the hours, plus five twenty fours for the tower
Creepin in silence through the night for lucky crimes on the howl
Reminiscent of times back when the world was ours
And we
The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove
Might light her eyes and stalk thighs thats when my bamboo grows
And shows
I spit the fire when my seals unfold
From the dust and the ashes where that Phoenix arose
I suppose
I kick the rhymes from a bottomless soul
That screams to the top when the lungs on hold
Yo, operator I promise that my vision is greater
Than the speed of bullet weighin tons like a freighter
Put that in action
Represent for derailed factions
Of a hip-hop nation well reduced to fractions
Simple math-a-matics
The time opens captions
Unveil all the secrets that were hidden by the past and
Ninjutsu master worries fo the main character
But chapters after he would stand again no panicking
Programming them to live above Jah
There aint no standing in
Ill travel up the most high, glide and then shake hands with him

[Verse 2: Gene Stanza]

Uh, Ali Raid is in the house
Uh, a checka-check it out
One time!

I said Im bumpin Cuban Linx while yo girl on the couch sleeping
I gotta turn on the oven to keep the house heated

Livin as ghetto as ever me and my lil bro
Plottin on slabs , fly fabrics and cash
Just some 3rd Ward n***as tryna kick it like shinobi
I represent the Tribe like my brother Jarobi
At Stallings Im like Kobe, at Comiskey Im like Dirk Nowitziki
You wont understand unless you from my city
I smoke a ounce of that Oscar Grouch
Chillin with my n***a Tyron, straight vibing outside of his baby mama house
I give a shout out to my sister Sydni Jackson
For keepin me on track when violence was my actions
I love you and f** the haters
n***as thought I was a terrorist when I started yellin Asaalam Alakiuym
Ayo I gotta make it ,its my life mission , my definition
Its much more than cash and b**hes
I still got a lot of people turned they back when I was down
Now Im back on track so they coming back around
Its crazy, but its like that
Swing and Imma fight back, ask around, got more bars than bike racks

[Verse 3: Haley Halflife]

Youknowdat, youknowdat

I dont have that time boy you should prolly split
I dont have a dime in my pocket for the rent
You aint from the 9 of the N.O. enter this center
Cinema rhyme simmer down on my disk uh
Blissfully down drown spin up on my grip, uh
Since I just crowned on ya climb off my dick, woah
Woadie you down for the 946, uh
Ayo, that seven on my mind is legit, uh
Im spending time getting sh** down from the thrift
Im selling thrills in December whats ya wish n***a
Del Rey I playa the king seen dirty, yo n***as stay up
Been good, sin good, $NHLF the new begging Im into the basement
Ace rips, ape sh** you get ya basic cable ya break it I hate this basis debated
Rob n***as Im swangin, bangin, and stealing bases
Making k**ings
Making ya pace drug dealing
Love women, you flood with the blood Im stuck lending
You a stuck lemon out ya body you stuck in it
You a duck swimming
You in shark water n***a, now ya caught swimming
Im bout to floss harder n***a, uh

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