Hafiz - Ghazal 246, The Night of Power

Song Rating: 7.38/10

Song lyrics:

It is the Night of Power, the scroll
Of loss is rolled away.
Peace be unto this sacred night.
Peace till the break of day.
My heart in travel on the path
Of love, be strong and true.
You are to be requited for
Each step along that way.
And even though you wound me with
Disdain and banishment,
Ill not repent of what I am:
A wanton debauché.

My heart is gone. I caught not one
Sight of its sweet thiefs face.
Such tyranny! Such heartlessness!
What else is there to say?
Dear Lord, O Lord! Restore the light
Of morning to my heart.
The dark of separations night
Has wiped my sight away.
Hafiz, endure this faithless torment
If you seek love and faith.
Profit in any business means
An up-front cost to pay.

Date of text publication: 18.03.2021 at 23:12