Eyes Low - Notorious

Song Rating: 9.43/10

Song lyrics:

[Intro] X3
Straight up weed, no angel dust
They label us notorious
My my theyre breathing oxygen
From so much smoke need oxygen

[Verse 1]
Hey yall, back here to break yall off
When I ride like Akon and Jeezy, look on the TV
I aint Nicholas when I face off
AR make a n***a go AWOL
Believe me, yall dont wanna see me
I be on board like Luigi
I stay alive like a Bee Gee
3D, not gonna go hard
When I just pop from the Mohawk
Slick talk I gotta get a whole walk
She like Batman, think he a know it all
Get slapped like Nikolai Volkoff
Cuz Im like Hugh Hefner when the robe off
b**h Im just younger
With the pretty cucumber
Like Biz Imma go up
n***a like me cock the hammer
Til my block demand a new boss Imma stand up
I just juice like Tropicana
And give up my grandma for some rhymes like Electra
DTs when I pop the 10
Its cuz Im bananas, just giving you a heads up
Boy Im sick, I dont need a checkup
‘Cause Im on your mind when you air walk

My my theyre breathing oxygen
From so much smoke need oxygen
Straight up, leave no angel dust
Label us notorious

[Verse 2]
Eyes low, bossed up like the MG
Rolled looking outsides like young Z
I dont like them broads, they can run free
Why pay for the p**y when it come free
I aint playin with yo p**y, wanna come see?
4-5, black inners in the Humvee
Keep these rap n***as under my wing

Its an underground thing, shout to Pimp C and Bun B
Smoked that ever since snoop it
Since then I aint felt yall using
Im a pain in the a**, Im a nusaince
Not poppin off til you hear my true sense
Two thoughts sittin in the new Porsche
New face, we chase at a new court
Got the hoes from the stable like Too $hort
Got the Os on the table by the new book
Got the gran coup sittin by the notebook
Old jams, bump for the all group
Backwood to the group when you smoke kush
And my blood Obama, it aint no Bush
Chew my weed like president, no trash
Back it up, move it out, better go fast
One forth QBs and a old half
n***as know what it is but I wont pa**


[Verse 3]
Yo, Im the king of the kush and I gets no higher
More smoke in this room than a full long fire
n***as talkin sh** but your board game tired
Next dude try the sh**, get your jaw rewired
n***as beat your bubble with they urban flows
But Imma murder this, shoot it til the curtain close
I rep Brick City til I die
Notorious, motherf**er, like Im B.I.G
Visions is you really wanna doubt
You can lean to the south, put yo mouth on my tip
See its quite evil, you cant see my team
Nobody quite do it like I did
b**h, you claim of the name and Im better than most
Still razor sharp quote to competitors throats
Call it a**ault how I f** up the beat
And aint any other rapper here f**in with me
Now check the codename is Mr. Die
See these n***as cant touch me, gotta stay more calm
Im a beast, I destroy any beats on my path
I mention the deceits, come and whip em in half
See they dont know that my words dont play
And how they put together just to murder my prey
Alright alright alright, these b**h a** n***as gon know today


Date of text publication: 19.01.2021 at 00:04